V C Section 2268 Duties


2268.  (a) Any member of the Department of the California Highway Patrol, as specified in Sections 2250 and 2250.1, shall be capable of fulfilling the complete range of official duties administered by the commissioner pursuant to Section 2400 and other critical duties that may be necessary for the preservation of life and property. Members of the California Highway Patrol shall not be assigned to permanent limited duty positions which do not require the ability to perform these duties.

(b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to any member of the California Highway Patrol who, after sustaining serious job-related physical injuries, returned to duty with the California Highway Patrol and who received a written commitment from the appointing power allowing his or her continued employment as a member of the California Highway Patrol. This subdivision applies only to commitments made prior to January 1, 1984.

(c) Nothing in subdivision (a) entitles a member of the California Highway Patrol to, or precludes a member from receiving, an industrial disability retirement.

Amended Sec. 66, Ch. 305, Stats. 1996. Effective January 1, 1997.