V C Section 2402.7 Hazardous Materials Defined

Hazardous Materials Defined

2402.7.  The commissioner shall adopt the definitions designated by the United States Department of Transportation under Title 49 (commencing with Section 1801) of the United States Code and Title 49 (commencing with Section 107) of the Code of Federal Regulations relating to hazardous materials, substances, or wastes, including, but not limited to, definitions relating to any radioactive material, poison, flammable gas, nonflammable gas, flammable liquid, oxidizer, flammable solid, corrosive material (liquid or solid), irritating materials, combustible liquids, explosives, blasting agents, etiologic agents, organic peroxides, hazardous wastes, and other regulated materials of classes A, B, C, D and E.

Amended Ch. 860, Stats. 1981. Effective January 1, 1982.