V C Section 2429.3 Committee House Car Operation Education

Committee: House Car Operation Education

2429.3.  (a) The commissioner shall appoint a committee of 12 members to develop a public awareness and outreach campaign to educate manufacturers, sellers, and owners of house cars, as described in subdivision (b) of Section 12804.10, regarding locations where those vehicles may be legally operated within the state. The committee shall consist of the commissioner, two members representing owners or operators of house cars, and one representative from each of the following:

(1) The Department of Transportation.

(2) The Department of Motor Vehicles.

(3) The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.

(4) The California Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association.

(5) The National Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association.

(6) The Family Motor Coach Association.

(7) The Good Sam Club.

(8) The recreational vehicle manufacturing industry.

(9) The California Travel Parks Association.

(b) The committee shall develop a driver education safety video for operators of house cars. The video, as well as a map of the approved highways on which those vehicles may operate, shall be made available to dealers of house cars. The committee shall encourage dealers to make copies of the video and map available to purchasers of those vehicles. The video shall be produced at no cost to the state.

(c) Committee members shall serve at the pleasure of the commissioner and without compensation.

Added Sec. 1, Ch. 658, Stats. 2001. Effective October 9, 2001.