V C Section 2432 Unlawful Activities False Information Failure to Comply

Unlawful Activities: False Information: Failure to Comply

2432.  (a) It is unlawful for a freeway service patrol tow truck driver to knowingly provide false information on the application prepared and submitted to the department pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 2431.

(b) It is unlawful for a California Highway Patrol rotation tow truck operator, including, but not limited to, a freeway service patrol tow truck driver, to fail to comply with the notification requirements in Section 2430.3.

(c) A violation of this section is punishable as a misdemeanor.

Amended Ch. 1241, Stats. 1992. Effective January 1, 1993.
Amended Sec. 6, Ch. 127, Stats. 2001. Effective July 30, 2001.