V C Section 2501 Licenses


2501.   The Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol may issue licenses for the operation of privately owned or operated ambulances used to respond to emergency calls, armored cars, fleet owner inspection and maintenance stations, and for the transportation of hazardous material, including the transportation of explosives. Such licenses shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and regulations adopted by the commissioner pursuant thereto. All licenses issued by the commissioner shall expire one year from the date of issue. Licenses may be renewed upon application and payment of the renewal fees if the application for renewal is made within the 30-day period prior to the date of expiration. Persons whose licenses have expired shall immediately cease the activity requiring a license, but the commissioner shall accept applications for renewal during the 30-day period following the date of expiration if they are accompanied by the new license fee. In no case shall a license be renewed where the application is received more than 30 days after the date of expiration.

Amended Ch. 294, Stats. 1982. Effective June 22, 1982. Supersedes Ch. 16.