V C Section 2901 Preparation Administration Approval of Program

Preparation, Administration, Approval of Program

2901.  The Governor may appoint a highway safety representative who shall serve in the Transportation Agency and who shall, in consultation with the Governor and Secretary of Transportation, prepare the California Traffic Safety Program. The Governor is responsible for the administration of the program, and has final approval of all phases of the program, and may take all action necessary to secure the full benefits available to the program under the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1966, and any amendments thereto. The highway safety representative serves at the pleasure of the secretary.

Amended Sec.325, Governor’s Reorganization Plan No.2 of 2012. Effective July 3, 2012. Operative July 1, 2013.
Amended Sec.522 Ch. 352 Stats. 2013. Effective July 1, 2013.