V C Section 3003 Terms of Members Vacancies

Terms of Members: Vacancies

3003.  (a) Each appointive member of the board shall be appointed for a term of four years and shall hold office until the appointment and qualification of his or her successor or until one year has elapsed since the expiration of the time for which he or she was appointed, whichever occurs first.

(b) The terms of the members of the board first appointed shall expire as follows: one public member and one new motor vehicle dealer member, January 15, 1969; two public members and one new motor vehicle dealer member, January 15, 1970; two public members and two new motor vehicle dealer members, January 15, 1971. The terms shall thereupon expire in the same relative order.

(c) Vacancies occurring shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term.

This section does not apply to a dealer who deals exclusively in motorcycles or recreational vehicles, as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 18010 of the Health and Safety Code.

Amended Sec. 4, Ch. 703, Stats. 2003. Effective January 1, 2004.