V C Section 4000.38 Financial Responsibility Insufficiency

Financial Responsibility: Insufficiency

4000.38.  (a) The department shall suspend, cancel, or revoke the registration of a vehicle when it determines that any of the following circumstances has occurred:

(1) The registration was obtained by providing false evidence of financial responsibility to the department.

(2) Upon notification by an insurance company that the required coverage has been canceled and a sufficient period of time has elapsed since the cancellation notification, as determined by the department, for replacement coverage to be processed and received by the department.

(3) Evidence of financial responsibility has not been submitted to the department within 30 days of the issuance of a registration certificate for the original registration or transfer of registration of a vehicle.

(b) (1) Prior to suspending, canceling, or revoking the registration of a vehicle, the department shall notify the vehicle owner of its intent to suspend, cancel, or revoke the registration, and shall provide the vehicle owner a reasonable time, not less than 45 days in cases under paragraph (2) of subdivision (a), to provide evidence of financial responsibility or to establish that the vehicle is not being operated.

(2) For the low–cost automobile insurance program established under Section 11629.7 of the Insurance Code, the department shall provide residents with information on the notification document, in in plain, boldface type type not less than 12 point in size, and in both English and Spanish, stating the following:

"California Low–Cost Auto Insurance: A program offering affordable automobile insurance is available. Visit (insert Internet Web site address provided by the Department of nsurance) or call toll free (insert tollfree telephone number for the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan or its successor as provided by the Department of Insurance). Qualified applicants must be 19 years of age or older, have a driver's license for the past three years, and meet income eligibility requirements (insert income example provided by Department of Insurance)."

“A program offering affordable automobile insurance to low–income households has been established. To determine if you are eligible for this insurance, call (insert toll–free phone number for the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan or its successor). This call is free to you and may be made during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, except holidays.”

(c) (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, before a registration is reinstated after suspension, cancellation, or revocation, there shall be paid to the department, in addition to any other fees required by this code, a fee sufficient to pay the cost of the reissuance as determined by the department.

(2) Commencing on January 1, 2011, the reissuance fee imposed by paragraph (1) shall not apply to a member of the California National Guard or the United States Armed Forces who was on active duty, serving outside of this state in a military conflict during a time of war, as defined in Section 18 of the Military and Veterans Code, at the time of the suspension, cancellation, or revocation of his or her vehicle registration. The person shall submit a copy of his or her official military orders upon requesting the registration reinstatement.

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