V C Section 4007 Interagency Agreement Temporary Operating Authority

Interagency Agreement: Temporary Operating Authority

4007.  The department, the Public Utilities Commission, and the State Board of Equalization will enter into an interagency agreement to establish a coordinate system for the issuance of temporary operating authority to carriers of passengers for compensation by motor vehicles which are operating under the laws of another state or country. The agreement shall designate a lead agency from among the parties to the agreement to which the carrier may make a single application for the temporary operation authority required under the laws of this state. The lead agency shall coordinate and expedite all matters relating to issuance of the temporary operating authority and the collection and distribution of fees therefor with every other state agency having jurisdiction, so as to promptly prepare and issue the required operating authority.

Added Ch.510, Stats, 1986 Effective January 1, 1987.