V C Section 4461.3 Unlawful Parking in Disabled Space Additional Penalty

Unlawful Parking in Disabled Space: Additional Penalty

4461.3.  In addition to any fine imposed for conviction of a violation of Section 4461 or 22507.8, a city or county may adopt an ordinance or resolution to assess an additional penalty of one hundred dollars ($100). All revenue generated from imposition of the penalty shall be used specifically for the purpose of improving enforcement of the provisions of this code relating to disabled parking spaces and placards within the city or county. Revenue generated from imposition of the penalty may not be used to supplant funds used for other general parking enforcement purposes, but may be used to offset the cost of establishing a new disabled parking enforcement program.

Added Sec. 4, Ch. 555, Stats. 2003. Effective January 1, 2004.