V C Section 5004.6 Street Rod Vehicle Plates

Street Rod Vehicle Plates


Repealed Sec. 19, Ch. 594, Stats. 2003. Effective January 1, 2004.

The repealed section read as follows: "(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, any owner of any motor vehicle eligible for registration as a street rod vehicle, as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 5051, which is operated or moved over the highways primarily for the purpose of exhibition or similar purpose pursuant to Section 5051, after compliance with the requirements for the registration of the vehicle, may, upon application in the manner and at the time prescribed by the department, be issued special identification plates for the vehicle.
(b) The special identification plates issued to a street rod vehicle shall contain the words "Street Rod" and shall run in a regular numerical series. An adhesive sticker indicating that the plates are for a street rod vehicle shall be affixed in a recess provided for it on the plates. The department shall approve the design of, and shall issue, the stickers.
(c) (1) A fee of thirty-five dollars ($35) shall be charged for the initial issuance of the special plates. These plates shall be permanent and shall not be required to be replaced.
(2) If the plates become damaged or unserviceable, replacement of the plates may be obtained from the department upon proper application and payment of a fee of thirty-five dollars ($35).
(3) Street rod vehicles are subject to the same annual registration fees as are other vehicles.
(4) The fee for the replacement of an adhesive sticker which has become damaged or unserviceable is seven dollars ($7).
(5) A fee of fifteen dollars ($15) shall be charged for the transfer of the plates to another vehicle qualifying as a street rod vehicle.
(d) All funds received by the department in payment for the plates or their replacement, after deducting the costs of the program conducted under this section, shall be deposited in the California Environmental License Plate Fund.
(e) The department is not required to implement this section unless 500 or more applications for registration pursuant to this section have been received by the department on or before January 1, 1992.
(f) A street rod vehicle is not exempt from the equipment requirements of Sections 26709, 27150, and 27600.