V C Section 5020 Class D Radio Station

Class D Radio Station

5020.  Any person holding an unexpired license for a class D radio station in the Citizens Radio Service issued by the Federal Communications Commission may, at the time he or she makes application for an original or a renewal registration for a motor vehicle, also apply directly to the department for special license plates, to be affixed to the motor vehicle for which registration is sought, on which, in lieu of the numbers otherwise prescribed by law, shall be inscribed the official class D radio station call sign of the applicant as assigned by the Federal Communications Commission.

The applicant shall, by satisfactory proof, show that he or she is the holder of an unexpired license and, in addition to the regular registration fee, may be charged a fee of twenty dollars ($20) for each set of special plates when issued and fifteen dollars ($15) each succeeding year the vehicle is registered. Whenever the vehicle or the ownership of the vehicle for which plates are issued is changed, a fee of twenty dollars ($20) may be charged. When the applicant also pays weight fees, the department shall so indicate on the special license plates.

Amended Ch. 1273, Stats. 1982. Effective January 1, 1983.