V C Section 5068.1 Veteran’s Organizations: Distinctive Decals

Veteran’s Organizations: Distinctive Decals

5068.1.  By July 1, 2013, the department shall do all of the following:

(a) Issue a distinctive decal pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 5068 to an applicant for an original or renewal of vehicle registration for veteran plates or plates honoring veterans to allow that applicant the option of recognizing his or her veteran status in, or honoring veterans of, a particular war or armed conflict, including, but not limited to, those who served in the active military, naval, or air service and performed any portion of their service during any of the periods described in Section 980 of the Military and Veterans Code, including active duty in a campaign or expedition for service in which a medal was authorized by the government of the United States.

(b) Make available to an applicant, upon request, a "yellow ribbon/support our troops" decal in lieu of the distinctive decal described in subdivision (a).

(c) Eliminate from inventory any decals for which the department determines that demand is insufficient to maintain that inventory in a cost–effective manner.

Added Sec. 2, Ch. 398, Stats. 2012. Effective January 1, 2013.