V C Section 5160 Annual Accounting Report

Annual Accounting Report

5160.  (a) A state agency authorized under this article to offer specialized license plates shall prepare and submit an annual accounting report to the department by June 30. The report shall include an accounting of all revenues and expenditures associated with the specialized license plate program.

(b) If a state agency submits a report pursuant to subdivision (a) indicating that the agency violated the expenditure restriction set forth in Section 5159, the department shall immediately cease depositing fees for that agency’s specialized license plate program in the Specialized License Plate Fund established under Section 5157 and, instead, shall deposit those fees that would have otherwise been deposited in that fund in a separate fund created by the Controller, which fund is subject to appropriation by the Legislature. The department shall immediately notify the agency of this course of action. The depositing of funds in the account established pursuant to this subdivision shall continue until the agency demonstrates to the satisfaction of the department that the agency is in compliance or will comply with the requirements of Section 5159. If one year from the date that the agency receives the notice described in this subdivision, the agency is still unable to satisfactorily demonstrate to the department that it is in compliance or will comply with Section 5159, the department shall no longer issue or replace those specialized license plates associated with that agency. Those particular specialized license plates that were issued prior to the discontinuation provided by this subdivision may continue to be used and attached to the vehicle for which they were issued and may be renewed, retained, or transferred pursuant to this code.

(c) Upon receiving the reports required under subdivision (a), notwithstanding Section 7550.5 of the Government Code, the department shall prepare and transmit an annual consolidated report to the Legislature containing the revenue and expenditure data.

Added Sec. 3, Ch. 454, Stats. 2006. Effective January 1, 2007.
Amended Sec. 233, Ch. 130, Stats. 2007. Effective January 1, 2008.