V C Section 5911 Transfer When Certificate Unavailable

Transfer When Certificate Unavailable

5911.  Whenever application is made to the department for a transfer of registration of a vehicle to a new owner or legal owner and the applicant is unable to present the certificate of ownership issued for the vehicle by reason of the same being lost or otherwise not available, the department may receive the application and examine into the circumstances of the case and may require the filing of certifications or other information, and when the department is satisfied that the applicant is entitled to a transfer of registration the department may transfer the registration of the vehicle, or reregister the vehicle under a new registration number, and issue a new certificate of ownership and registration card to the person or persons found to be entitled thereto. The department, however, shall not issue a new certificate of ownership and registration card to the applicant if the department has received notice by registered or certified mail in which it is indicated that the existing ownership certificate is being held for nonpayment of the vehicle. The notice may be forwarded by the registered owner, recorded lienholder, or by a person exempted from recording ownership by Section 5906.

Amended Ch. 1268, Stats. 1988. Effective January 1, 1989.