V C Section 9802 Conduct of Sale Distribution of Proceeds

Conduct of Sale: Distribution of Proceeds

9802.  (a) The Registrar of Vehicles or authorized representative shall conduct the sale in the same manner as provided by law for the seizure and sale of personal property by the assessor for the collection of taxes due on personal property.

(b) The department may bid for the vehicle an amount equal to the lien held by the department for registration, transfer, and license fees, use taxes, parking penalties, and any interest, penalties, and costs added thereto. In all cases where the vehicle becomes the property of the department, it shall be reduced to junk and sold.

(c) The proceeds of any sale shall be allocated by the department for the following purposes and in the following order:

(1) Costs incurred by the department.

(2) Registration and transfer fees and any penalty added thereto.

(3) License fees and any penalty added thereto.

(4) Use taxes and any interest or penalty added thereto.

(5) Perfected mechanics' liens.

(6) Perfected security interests.

(7) Penalties for offenses relating to the standing or parking of a vehicle and any administrative service fee added thereto. Any other court-induced liability, and any administrative service fee added thereto, which is subject to collection by the department.

(8) All other fees due the department.

(9) Any remainder to the person whose claim of interest in the vehicle is approved by the department.

(d) Notwithstanding Section 42270, the proceeds of a sale allocated pursuant to paragraphs (4) to (9), inclusive, of subdivision (c) shall not be transmitted to the Treasurer for deposit in the Motor Vehicle Account in the State Transportation Fund.

(e) The department shall transmit to the State Board of Equalization all use taxes, interest, and penalties collected under this article within 60 days after receipt thereof in the form which may be prescribed and approved jointly by the department and the board.

Amended Ch. 187, Stats. 1989. Effective January 1, 1990.
Amended Ch. 1199, Stats. 1992. Effective September 30, 1992.