V C Section 11516 Special Plates Automobile Dismantler

Special Plates: Automobile Dismantler

11516.  (a) Any automobile dismantler owning or controlling any vehicle of a type otherwise required to be registered under this code, may operate or move the vehicle upon the highways without subjecting the vehicle to registration or transfer, or both, solely for the purpose of moving the vehicle from its location to the established place of business of the automobile dismantler or to a scrap processor, if there are displayed on the vehicle special plates issued to the automobile dismantler as provided in this chapter, in addition to other license plates or permits already assigned and attached to the vehicle in the manner prescribed in Article 9 (commencing with Section 5200) of Chapter 1 of Division 3.

(b) The provisions of this section do not apply to work or service vehicles owned by an automobile dismantler.

(c) Every owner, upon receipt of a registration card issued for special plates, shall maintain the registration card or a facsimile copy of it with the vehicle bearing the special plates.

Amended Ch. 1220, Stats. 1994. Effective September 30, 1994.