V C Section 11601 Application for License

Application for License

11601.  (a) Every lessor-retailer who sells at retail a vehicle of a type subject to registration shall make application to the department for a license. The applicant shall submit proof of his status as a bona fide lessor-retailer as may reasonably be required by the department.

(b) An application shall be made for the principal place of business, and a separate branch office application shall be made for each branch office location of the licensee as shall be operated and maintained by the applicant in conjunction with the retail sale or sales of vehicles.

(c) "Principal place of business," for the purposes of this chapter, means the place designated by the lessor-retailer as the main business or office location in California whether or not retail sales are made from such location.

Added Ch. 1284, Stats. 1976. Effective January 1, 1977.