V C Section 11602 Contents of Application

Contents of Application

11602.  (a) The department shall prescribe and provide forms to be used for application for licenses to be issued under the terms and provisions of this chapter and require of such applicants, where appropriate as a condition precedent to issuance of such license, such information, including but not limited to, fingerprints and personal history statements, touching on and concerning the applicant's character, honesty, integrity and reputation as it may consider necessary; provided, however, that every application for a lessor-retailer license shall contain, in addition to such information that the department may require, a statement of the following facts:

(1) The name and residence address of the applicant and the trade name, if any, under which he intends to conduct his business; and if the applicant be a partnership, the name and residence address of each member thereof, whether a limited or general partner, and the name under which the partnership business is to be conducted; and if the applicant be a corporation, the name of the corporation and the name and address of each of its principal officers and directors.

(2) A complete description, including the city, town or village with the street and number, if any, of its principal place of business in California and such other and additional branch location or locations.

(b) Upon receipt of an application accompanied with the appropriate fee, the department shall make a thorough investigation of the information contained in the application.

Added Ch. 1284, Stats. 1976. Effective January 1, 1977.