V C Section 11614.1 Unlawful Activities

Unlawful Activities

11614.1.  No lessor-retailer licensed under this chapter may do any of the following in connection with any activity for which this license is required:

(a) Use a picture in connection with any advertisement of the price of a specific vehicle or class of vehicles, unless the picture is of the year, make, and model being offered for sale. The picture may not depict a vehicle with optional equipment or a design not actually offered at the advertised price.

(b) Advertise a vehicle for sale that was used by the selling lessor-retailer in its business as a demonstrator, executive vehicle, service vehicle, rental, loaner, or lease vehicle, unless the advertisement clearly and conspicuously discloses the previous use made by that licensee of the vehicle. An advertisement may not describe any of those vehicles as "new."

(c) Advertise any used vehicle of the current or prior model-year without expressly disclosing the vehicle as "used," "previously owned," or a similar term that indicates that the vehicle is used, as defined in this code.

(d) Use the terms "on approved credit" or "on credit approval" in an advertisement for the sale of a vehicle unless those terms are clearly and conspicuously disclosed and unabbreviated.

(e) Advertise an amount described by terms such as "unpaid balance" or "balance can be financed" unless the total sale price is clearly and conspicuously disclosed and is in close proximity to the advertised balance.

(f) Advertise credit terms that fail to comply with the disclosure requirements of Section 226.24 of Title 12 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Advertisements of terms that include escalated payments, balloon payments, or deferred downpayments shall clearly and conspicuously identify those payments as to amounts and time due.

(g) Advertise claims such as "everyone financed," "no credit rejected," or similar claims unless the dealer is willing to extend credit to any person under any and all circumstances.

(h) Advertise the amount of any downpayment unless it represents the total payment required of a purchaser prior to delivery of the vehicle, including any payment for sales tax or license. A statement such as "$____ delivers ," is an example of an advertised downpayment.

(i) Fail to clearly and conspicuously disclose in an advertisement for the sale of a vehicle any disclosure required by this code or any qualifying term used in conjunction with advertised credit terms. Unless otherwise provided by statute, the specific size of disclosures or qualifying terms is not prescribed.

Amended Sec. 302, Ch. 62, Stats. 2003. Effective January 1, 2004.