V C Section 11704 Application for License

Application for License

11704.  (a) Every applicant who applies for a license pursuant to Section 11701 shall submit an application to the department on the forms prescribed by the department. Such applicant shall provide the department with information as to the applicant's character, honesty, integrity, and reputation, as the department may consider necessary. The department, by regulation, shall prescribe what information is required of such an applicant for the purposes of this subdivision.

(b) Upon receipt of an application for a license which is accompanied by the appropriate fee, the department shall, within 120 days, make a thorough investigation of the information contained in the application.

(c) Every person holding a license issued pursuant to Section 11701 shall notify the department, within 10 days, of any change in the ownership or corporate structure of the licensee.

Repealed and added Ch. 452, Stats. 1977. Effective January 1, 1978.