V C Section 11713.12 Lemon Law Buyback Decal Location

Lemon Law Buyback: Decal Location

11713.12.  (a) The decal required by subdivision (c) of Section 1793.23 of the Civil Code to be affixed by a manufacturer to a motor vehicle, shall be affixed to the left front doorframe of the vehicle, or, if the vehicle does not have a left front doorframe, it shall be affixed in a location designated by the department. The decal shall specify that title to the motor vehicle has been inscribed with the notation "Lemon Law Buyback" and shall be affixed to the vehicle in a manner prescribed by the department.

(b) No person shall knowingly remove or alter any decal affixed to a vehicle pursuant to subdivision (a), whether or not licensed under this code.

Added Sec. 6, Ch. 503, Stats. 1995. Effective January 1, 1996.