V C Section 11713.7 Disclosure Remanufactured Vehicle

Disclosure: Remanufactured Vehicle

11713.7.  Disclosure to a buyer that a vehicle has been remanufactured is required. Disclosure shall be accomplished by all of the following:

(a) Oral notification to the buyer.

(b) The statement "THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN REMANUFACTURED AND CONTAINS USED OR RECONDITIONED PARTS" shall appear in a type size at least the same as the bulk of the text on the purchase order or conditional sales contract signed by the buyer.

(c) The statement that the vehicle is remanufactured and contains used or reconditioned parts shall appear in any advertisement pertaining to remanufactured vehicles.

(d) Remanufactured vehicles displayed for retail purposes shall be clearly designated as remanufactured. The disclosure statement required in subdivision (b) shall appear on the vehicle or at the location where the vehicles are displayed.

Added Ch. 1286, Stats. 1983. Effective January 1, 1984.