V C Section 11720 Certificate of Convenience

Certificate of Convenience

11720.  The department may issue a certificate of convenience to the executor, executrix, administrator or administratrix of the estate of a deceased holder of validly outstanding special plates and license issued under this article, or if no executor, executrix, administrator or administratrix has been appointed, and until a certified copy of an order making such appointment is filed with the department, to the surviving spouse or other heir otherwise entitled to conduct the business of the deceased, permitting such person to exercise the privileges granted by such special plates and license for a period of one year from and after the date of death and necessary one-year renewals thereafter, pending, but not later than, disposal of the business and qualification of the vendee of the business or such surviving spouse, heir or other persons for such special plates and license under the provisions of this article. The department may restrict or condition the license and attach to the exercise of the privileges thereunder such terms and conditions as in its judgment the protection of the public requires.

Amended Ch. 1171, Stats. 1976. Effective January 1, 1977.