V C Section 11721 Automatic Cancellation

Automatic Cancellation

11721.  The special plates and licenses provided for in this article shall be automatically canceled upon the happening of any of the following:

(a) The abandonment of the established place of business of the dealer or the change thereof without notice to the department as provided in Section 11712.

(b) The failure of the licensee to maintain an adequate bond or to procure and file another bond as provided in Section 11710 prior to the effective date of the termination by the surety of any existing bond.

(c) The voluntary or involuntary surrender for any cause by the licensee of the special plates and license, except that the surrender of the special plates and license, the cessation of business by the licensee, or the suspension or revocation of the corporate status of the licensee, does not preclude the filing of an accusation for revocation or suspension of the surrendered license as provided in Section 11705, does not affect the department's decision to suspend or revoke the license. The department's determination to suspend or revoke the license may be considered in issuing or refusing to issue any subsequent license authorized by this division to that licensee or to a business representative of that prior licensee.

(d) Notification to the department that the person designated as licensee has changed, except that the special plates issued to the original licensee may be transferred and the newly designated licensee as transferee shall succeed to the privileges evidenced by the plates until their expiration.

(e) The suspension or revocation of the corporate status of the licensee.

(f) The suspension or revocation of the seller's permit of the licensee by the State Board of Equalization.

Amended Ch. 1563, Stats. 1990. Effective January 1, 1991.