V C Section 11810 Temporary Suspension Probation and Reapplication

Temporary Suspension, Probation, and Reapplication

11810.  (a) The department may, pending a hearing, temporarily suspend the license issued to a vehicle salesperson for a period of not more than 30 days if the director finds that action to be required in the public interest. In that case, a hearing shall be held and a decision thereon issued within 30 days after notice of the temporary suspension.

(b) Except where the provisions of this code require the refusal to issue a license, the department may issue a probationary license subject to conditions to be observed by the licensee in the exercise of the privilege granted. The conditions to be attached to the exercise of the privilege shall be those which may, in the judgment of the department, be in the public interest and suitable to the qualifications of the applicant as disclosed by the application and investigation by the department of the information contained in the application.

(c) If the department issues or renews a vehicle salesperson's license requiring conditions of probation or if the department refuses to issue a vehicle salesperson's license, the applicant may demand in writing a hearing before the director or the director's representative within 60 days after notice of refusal to issue or issuance of the probationary license.

(d) A person whose license has been revoked or whose application for a license has been denied may reapply for a license after not less than one year has elapsed from the effective date of the decision revoking the license or denying the application, except that if the decision was based upon subdivision (a) of Section 11806, an earlier reapplication may be made accompanied by evidence satisfactory to the department that those grounds for revocation or denial of the license no longer exist.

Amended Ch. 1563, Stats. 1990. Effective January 1, 1991.