V C Section 12661 Regulations


12661.  The department, in consultation with the State Department of Education, shall adopt regulations for the issuance of student licenses pursuant to Section 12660. The department and the State Department of Education shall seek advice and input on those regulations from the public, law enforcement, and the driving school industry. The regulations shall include all of the following:

(a) Standards and procedures for the issuance of student licenses pursuant to Section 12660, including the determination of an applicant's qualifications under Section 12805.

(b) Standards and procedures to ensure that all records of a driving school relating to the physical or mental condition of any student are confidential, except to the department.

(c) Standards and procedures for monitoring the issuance of student licenses.

(d) A requirement that each student license issued pursuant to Section 12660 be accompanied by a verbal and written description of the limitations of that license in terms of duration and use.

(e) Any other requirements necessary to carry out Section 12660.

Added Ch. 1029, Stats. 1987. Effective January 1, 1988.