V C Section 13005 Contents and Form of Identification Card Contract Bids

Contents and Form of Identification Card: Contract Bids

13005.  (a) The identification card shall resemble in appearance, so far as is practicable, a driver's license issued pursuant to this code. It shall adequately describe the applicant, bear his or her picture, and be produced in color or engraved by a process or processes that prohibit, as near as possible, the ability to alter or reproduce the identification card, or prohibit the ability to superimpose a picture or photograph on the identification card without ready detection.

(b) (1) Upon issuance of a new identification card, or renewal of an identification card, the department shall provide information on organ and tissue donation, including a standardized form to be filled out by an individual who desires to enroll in the California Organ and Tissue Donor Registry with instructions for mailing the completed form to the California Organ and Tissue Donor Registrar established pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 7150.90 of the Health and Safety Code .

(2) The enrollment form shall be simple in design and shall be produced by the department, in cooperation with the California Organ and Tissue Donor Registrar , and shall require all of the following information to be supplied by the enrollee:

(A) Date of birth, sex, full name, address, and home telephone number.

(B) Consent for organs or tissues to be donated for transplant after death.

(C) Any limitation of the donation to specific organs or tissues, or research.

(3) The form shall also include a description of the process for having a name removed from the registry, and the process for donating money for the benefit of the registry.

(4) The registry enrollment form shall be posted on the Internet Web sites for the department and the California Health and Human Services Agency.

(5) The form shall constitute a legal document under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 7150) of Part 1 of Division 7 of the Health and Safety Code).

(6) The registrar shall ensure that all additions and deletions to the registry shall occur within 30 days of receipt.

(7) Information obtained by the registrar for the purposes of this subdivision shall be used for these purposes only and shall not further be disseminated by the registrar .

(c) A contract shall not be awarded to a nongovernmental entity for the processing of identification cards unless the contract conforms to all applicable state contracting laws and all applicable procedures set forth in the State Contracting Manual.