V C Section 13353.45 Treatment Program Certificate of Completion

Treatment Program: Certificate of Completion

13353.45.  The department shall, in consultation with the State Department of ( ) Health Care Services, with representatives of the county alcohol program administrators, and with representatives of licensed drinking driver program providers, develop a certificate of completion for the purposes of Sections 13352, 13352.4, and 13352.5 and shall develop, implement, and maintain a system for safeguarding the certificates against misuse. The department may charge a reasonable fee for each blank completion certificate distributed to a drinking driver program. The fee shall be sufficient to cover, but shall not exceed, the costs incurred in administering this section, Sections 13352, 13352.4, and 13352.5 or twelve dollars ($12) per person, whichever is less..

Amended Sec. 86, Ch. 22, Stats. 2013. Effective June 27, 2013.
The 2013 amendment added the italicized material, and at the point indicated, deleted the following "Alcohol and Drug Programs"