V C Section 15215 Commercial Driver Reporting Conviction to Home State

Commercial Driver: Reporting Conviction to Home State

15215.  (a) The department shall report each conviction of a person who holds a commercial driver’s licence from another state occurring within this state to the licensing authority of the home state of the licencee. This report shall clearly identify the person convicted; violation date; describe the violation specifying the section of the statute, code, or ordinance violated; identify the court in which action was taken; indicate whether a plea of guilty or not guilty was entered, or the conviction was a result of the forfeiture of bail, bond, or other security; and include special findings made in connection with the conviction.

(b) For the purposes of subdivision (a), “conviction” has the same meaning as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 15210.

Added Sec. 13, Ch. 574, Stats. 2006. Effective January 1, 2007.