V C Section 16378 Disposition of Money Deposited

Disposition of Money Deposited

16378.  Money deposited pursuant to subdivision (d) of Section 16377 shall be:

(a) Deposited by the department in the special deposit fund with the State Treasurer.

(b) Payable to the judgment creditor upon presentation of a valid claim establishing that he is the judgment creditor for which the deposit was made and that the judgment remains unsatisfied.

(c) Refunded to the person making the deposit or to a person designated by him if the deposit remains unclaimed by the judgment creditor for a period of two years following the date of the deposit.

(d) The State Controller shall draw his warrant on the State Treasurer for any payment ordered pursuant to this section as ordered by the department.

Added Ch. 1525, Stats. 1965. Effective September 17, 1965.