V C Section 23272 Disposition of Towed Vehicles Charges for Fuel

Disposition of Towed Vehicles; Charges for Fuel

23272.  When any vehicle or object on any vehicular crossing, upon which towing service is maintained, is stopped for any reason and is obstructing or may obstruct traffic, the vehicle or object shall be towed by the towing service either to the nearest property of the Department of Transportation designated for the parking or storing of vehicles, or to a suitable parking location on a public street or highway and thereupon left in the custody of the owner or operator of the vehicle or object, or his agent, or, if no owner, operator, or agent is present, or if an owner, operator, or agent so requests, to a public garage or off-street parking facility. The department may prescribe the limits within which the towing service shall be operated.

Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, the department may furnish and deliver fuel to vehicles, the supply of which is exhausted, or change tires, and may charge a reasonable sum for the services and materials furnished or, if the department deems it safe and advisable, and the owner or operator of the vehicle or object so requests, it may be towed from the vehicular crossing.

Amended Ch. 681, Stats. 1982. Effective January 1, 1983.