V C Section 25278 Warning Lights Survey Vehicles

Warning Lights: Survey Vehicles

25278.  Any vehicle owned or operated by a land surveyor or civil engineer licensed to practice in this state may display flashing amber warning lights to the front, sides, or rear, if the vehicle is engaged in any phase of a project that requires surveying or surveying related activities to be performed on a highway, or in the vicinity of a highway, and the vehicle is parked on the highway or moving at a speed lower than the normal flow of traffic. The use of, or absence of, amber warning lights as authorized in this section shall not serve as the basis for any civil action, a defense to a civil action, or establish negligence as a matter of law or negligence per se for comparative fault purposes.

Added Ch. 207, Stats. 1994. Effective July 18, 1994.
Amended Sec. 181, Ch. 91, Stats. 1995. Effective January 1, 1996.