V C Section 31620 Waiver or Suspension of Requirement

Waiver or Suspension of Requirement

31620.  The Department of the California Highway Patrol, upon application of any interested party, with the concurrence of the fire chief or chiefs in the area or areas affected, and if he determines that such action may be taken without jeopardizing the public safety, may suspend, or waive compliance with, the whole or any part of the requirements of this division insofar as they apply to the delivery or transportation of explosives in sparsely populated, unincorporated areas or in any area where there may be practical difficulties or unnecessary or unreasonable hardship in carrying out the provisions of this division. No person shall be charged with any crime for any violation of the provisions of this division when such a suspension or waiver by the Department of the California Highway Patrol is in effect in the area in which the alleged violation occurs.

Amended Ch. 1315, Stats. 1970. Effective November 23, 1970.