V C Section 35581 Intermodal Weighing Facilities

Intermodal Weighing Facilities

35581.  (a) The Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Department of the California Highway Patrol, shall develop a plan for implementing or identifying new or existing scale facilities at major intermodal terminals which may serve as intermodal weighing facilities for weighing commercial vehicles which transport intermodal freight, prior to their entry onto any highway which is not specifically exempted from weight limitations by a local authority. The plan shall include consideration of options for financing the construction of required intermodal weighing facilities. The plan shall be submitted to the Legislature not later than August 1, 1989.

(b) The Department of Transportation may enter into agreements with local authorities or private entities to provide for exemption from weight restrictions for short distance movement to an intermodal weighing facility.

Amended Ch. 272, Stats. 1993. Effective August 2, 1993.
Amended Sec. 229, Ch. 745, Stats. 2001. Effective October 11, 2001.