V C Section 38200 Notice of Transfer by Dealers

Notice of Transfer by Dealers

38200.  (a) Every licensed dealer upon transferring by sale, lease, or otherwise any off-highway motor vehicle subject to identification, whether new or used, of a type subject to identification under this division, shall, not later than the end of the fifth calendar day thereafter, not counting the day of sale, lease, or other transfer, give written notice of the transfer to the department upon an appropriate form provided by it; but a dealer need not give the notice when selling or transferring a new unidentified off-highway motor vehicle subject to identification to another dealer.

A "sale" shall be deemed completed and consummated when the purchaser of that vehicle has paid the purchase price, or, in lieu thereof, has signed a purchase contract or security agreement, and taken physical possession or delivery of that vehicle.

(b) Every dealer of off-highway motor vehicles subject to identification who is not licensed with the department, and who engages only in the sale of vehicles of a type not properly equipped for operation upon the highway and that are restricted to off-highway operation or use, shall comply with the provisions of Section 5900, or such regulations as the director determines are necessary to carry out the provisions of this division.

Amended Ch. 440, Stats. 1975. Effective January 1, 1976.