V C Section 38211 Payment of Use Tax

Payment of Use Tax

38211.  (a) The department shall withhold identification of or the transfer of ownership of any vehicle subject to identification under this division until the applicant pays to the department the use tax measured by the sales price of the vehicle as required by the Sales and Use Tax Law, together with penalty, if any, unless the purchaser presents evidence on a form prescribed by the State Board of Equalization that sales tax will be paid by the seller or that use tax has been collected by the seller or that the State Board of Equalization finds that no use tax is due. If the applicant so desires, he may pay the use tax and penalty, if any, to the department so as to secure immediate action upon his application for identification or transfer of ownership, and thereafter he may apply through the Department of Motor Vehicles to the State Board of Equalization under the provisions of the Sales and Use Tax Law for a refund of the amount so paid.

(b) The department shall transmit to the State Board of Equalization all collections of use tax and penalty made under this section. This transmittal shall be made at least monthly, accompanied by a schedule in such form as the department and board may prescribe.

(c) The State of Board of Equalization shall reimburse the department for its costs incurred in carrying out the provisions of this section. Such reimbursement shall be effected under agreement between the agencies, approved by the Department of Finance.

(d) In computing any use tax or penalty thereon under the provisions of this section dollar fractions shall be disregarded in the manner specified in Section 9559 of this code. Payment of tax and penalty on this basis shall be deemed full compliance with the requirements of the Sales and Use Tax Law insofar as they are applicable to the use of vehicles to which this section relates.

Added Ch. 1816, Stats. 1971. Operative July 1, 1972.