V C Section 40000.7 Misdemeanors


40000.7.  (a) A violation of any of the following provisions is a misdemeanor, and not an infraction:

(1) Section 2416, relating to regulations for emergency vehicles.

(2) Section 2800, relating to failure to obey an officer’s lawful order or submit to a lawful inspection.

(3) Section 2800.1, relating to fleeing from a peace officer.

(4) Section 2801, relating to failure to obey a firefighter's lawful order.

(5) Section 2803, relating to unlawful vehicle or load.

(6) Section 2813, relating to stopping for inspection.

(7) Subdivisions (b), (c), and (d) of Section 4461 and subdivisions (b) and (c) of Section 4463, relating to disabled person placards and disabled person and disabled veteran license plates.

(8) Section 4462.5, relating to deceptive or false evidence of vehicle registration.

(9) Section 4463.5, relating to deceptive or facsimile license plates.

(10) Section 5500, relating to the surrender of registration documents and license plates before dismantling may begin.

(11) Section 5506, relating to the sale of a total loss salvage vehicle, or of a vehicle reported for dismantling by a salvage vehicle rebuilder.

(12) Section 5753, relating to delivery of certificates of ownership and registration when committed by a dealer or any person while a dealer within the preceding 12 months.

(13) Section 5901, relating to dealers and lessor-retailers giving notice.

(14) Section 5901.1, relating to lessors giving notice and failure to pay fee.

(15) Section 8802, relating to the return of canceled, suspended, or revoked certificates of ownership, registration cards, or license plates, when committed by any person with intent to defraud.

(16) Section 8803, relating to return of canceled, suspended, or revoked documents and license plates of a dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, transporter, dismantler, or salesman.

(b) This section shall become operative on January 1, 2001.

Amended Sec. 26, Ch.709, Stats. 2010. Effective January 1, 2011.