V C Section 40508.6 Administrative Assessments

Administrative Assessments

40508.6.  The superior court in any county may establish administrative assessments, not to exceed ten dollars ($10), for clerical and administrative costs incurred for the following activities:

(a) An assessment for the cost of recording and maintaining a record of the defendant's prior convictions for violations of this code. The assessment shall be payable at the time of payment of a fine or when bail is forfeited for any subsequent violations of this code other than parking, pedestrian, or bicycle violations.

(b) An assessment for all defendants whose driver's license or automobile registration is attached or restricted pursuant to Section 40509 or 40509.5, to cover the cost of notifying the Department of Motor Vehicles of the attachment or restriction.

Amended Sec. 463, Ch. 931, Stats. 1998. Effective September 28, 1998.
Amended Sec. 604.5, Ch. 784, Stats. 2002. Effective January 1, 2003.
The 2002 amendment added the italicized material, and at the point(s) indicated, deleted the following "Legislature hereby authorizes the establishment of the following program, to be implemented in any county, upon the adoption of a resolution by the board of supervisors authorizing it. For the superior court and each municipal court district in the county, a board of supervisors"