Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 10 Accidents and Accident Reports

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division 10 of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
F20001(a)Hit-run, injury or death, immediate report of fatal.
M20002(a)Hit-run, property damage, including vehicles. Driver required to immediately stop vehicle involved in property damage only collision at the nearest location which will not impede traffic or otherwise jeopardize the safety of other motorists.
M20002(b)Hit-run, property damage, by runaway vehicle.
M20003(a)Driver involved in accident resulting in injury or death shall provide information.
M20003(b)Driver involved in accident resulting in injury or death shall present drivers license.
I20006Driver without license present other evidence of identification.
I20008(a)Accidents, injury or fatal, written report within 24 hours.
I20008(b)Common carrier file report by 10th of following month.
I20010Accident report, passenger comply when driver unable.
I20011Coroner's report, all M.V. fatals to CHP by 10th of following month.