Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 11 Rules of the Road

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
I21070Public Offense: Unsafe Operation of Motor Vehicle.
I21100.3Failure to obey traffic direction of local authority.
I21106(b)Crosswalk, use of where prohibited by sign.
I21113(a)School or public grounds, trespassing on with vehicle, animal, bicycle, skateboard, motorized bicycle, or roller skates.
I21116(a)Unlawful to drive upon roadway on a levee, canal bank, pipeline right-of-way or natural waterline course.
M21200.5Riding a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both.
I21201(a)Bicycle, single wheel brake required.
I21201(b)Bicycle, handlebars no higher than operator’s shoulders.
I21201(c)Bicycle: rider unable to support in an upright position with at least one foot on the ground.
I21201(d)Bicycle illumination, devices required while riding upon a highway, sidewalk, or a bikeway. White or Yellow reflectors may be worn on a shoe or ankle as an option to the pedals.
I21201.3(b)Steady or flashing blue light on bicycle.
I21201.5(a)Sale of unapproved, reflex reflector, or reflectorized tire.
I21201.5(b)Sale of bicycle without required reflectors on pedals and sides.
I21202(a)Bicyclist, failure to use right edge of roadway.
I21203Bicyclist, hitching ride on other vehicle.
I21204(a)Bicyclist, riding on other than permanent seat and/or passenger riding on other than permanent seat, unless the bicycle was designed by the manufacturer to be ridden without a seat.
I21204(b)Bicyclist, permitting passenger on other than a permanent seat; minor passenger not retained in seat.
I21205Bicyclist, unable to keep at least one hand free to use on handlebars.
I21207.5Operation of motorized bicycle upon bikeway, equestrian, hiking or recreational trail without proper authority.
I21208(a)Failure to ride in a bicycle lane.
I21208(b)Bicyclist shall not leave bike lane until reasonably safe.
I21209(a)Driving in bicycle lane. Except as provided.
I21210Bicycle lying on its side on a sidewalk.
I21211(a)Standing, stopping, sitting, or loitering on a Class I bikeway. Tow trucks exempt from prohibition of blocking bikeway when engaged in towing a vehicle.
I21211(b)Placing or parking any bicycle, vehicle, or object upon a Class I bikeway which impedes the movement of a bicyclist.
I21212(a)Person under 18 operating or riding as passenger on a bicycle, nonmotorized scooter, or skateboard or wear in-line roller skates or roller skates without wearing an approved helmet.
I21212(c)Sale of safety helmet not meeting applicable safety standards.
M21221.5Riding a motorized scooter while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both.
I21223Motorized scooter, during darkness headlight, red reflector to the rear, and side reflectors required.
I21226(b)Violation of motorized scooter muffler equipment requirements.
I21226(d)Violation of motorized scooter exhaust/noise level requirements or operation with modified exhaust.
I21228(a)Motorized scooter, failure to ride as close as practicable to the right hand curb or right edge of the roadway.
I21229(a)Motorized scooter, failure to ride within an established bicycle lane.
I21229(b)Prohibits the operator of a motorized scooter to exit a bicycle lane without signaling.
I21235(a)Operating a motorized scooter unless it is equipped with a brake.
I21235(b)Operating a motorized scooter on a highway with a posted speed limit in excess of 25 miles per hour unless the motorized scooter is operated within a bicycle lane.
I21235(c)Operating a motorized scooter without wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet.
I21235(d)Operating a motorized scooter when the operator is under 16 years of age.
I21235(e)Operating a motorized scooter with any passengers in addition to the operator.
I21235(f)Operating a motorized scooter carrying any package, bundle, or article that prevents the operator from keeping at least one hand upon the handlebars.
I21235(g)Operating a motorized scooter upon a sidewalk.
I21235(h)Operating a motorized scooter on a roadway with handlebars above the operator’s shoulders.
I21235(i)Leaving a motorized scooter lying on its side on any sidewalk, or parking a motorized scooter on a sidewalk so that it blocks pedestrian traffic.
I21235(j)Attaching a motorized scooter or the operator while on the roadway, by any means, to any other vehicle on the roadway.
I21260(a)Prohibits a low-speed vehicle from being operated on any roadway with a speed limit in excess of 35 miles per hour except when the roadway is being crossed.
I21281(a)Electric personal assistive mobility device, shall be equipped with front, rear, and side reflectors.
I21281(b)Electric personal assistive mobility device, equipped with a system to bring the device to a controlled stop.
I21281(c)Electric personal assistive mobility device, equipped with a lamp emitting a white light while in motion during darkness.
I21281(d)Electric personal assistive mobility device, equipped with a sound emitting device activated by the operator to alert nearby persons.
I21281.5(a)Unsafe operation of an electric personal assistive mobility device.
I21281.5(b)Unsafe operation of an electric personal assistive mobility device, speed that endangers the safety of persons or property.
I21281.5(c)Unsafe operation of an electric personal assistive mobility device, wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.
I21281.5(d)Unsafe operation of an electric personal assistive mobility device, failure to yield to a pedestrian.
I21367(b)Department of Transportation, disobeying traffic control at construction site.
I21367(c)Failure to obey warning devices at construction site.
I21451(a)Circular green signal, shall proceed but shall yield to vehicles and pedestrians lawfully within intersection.
I21451(b)Green arrow, shall enter intersection only to make movement indicated.
I21451(c)Pedestrians facing circular green, may proceed but must yield to vehicles lawfully within the intersection.
I21451(d)Pedestrian facing green arrow shall not enter roadway.
I21452(b)Failure of pedestrian to properly respond to signal of yellow light or arrow.
I21453Red or Stop, vehicles stop at limit line or X-walk. When making right turn at a red light/stop sign driver required to yield to any vehicle approaching so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard.
I21453(b)After stopping, may turn right, or turn left from a one-way street to a one-way street, (unless sign posted) but shall yield to pedestrians and traffic on cross street.
I21453(c)Red arrow, driver shall not enter intersection to make indicated movement.
I21453(d)Pedestrian facing circular red or red arrow, shall not enter roadway.
I21454(c)Lane use control signal, steady red, driver shall not enter or use.
I21454(d)Lane use control signal, flashing yellow, driver may use only for making left turn to or from the highway.
I21455Official traffic control signal erected at other than an intersection, shall stop at sign, crosswalk, limit line, or if none, at the signal.
I21456(a)“Walk” pedestrian failure to yield right-of-way to vehicles already in crosswalk.
I21456(b)“Don’t walk” or “wait” or “upraised hand”, pedestrian crossing against.
I21457(a)Flashing Red, failing to stop for.
I21457(b)Flashing Yellow, proceed only with caution.
I21460(a)Double solid lines, driving to left of, except driveway, intersection, or U-turn.
I 21460(b) Parallel solid white lines, crossing except as permitted.
I 21460(c) Solid-broken lines, driving to the left when solid line placed on the right.
I21460.5(c)Two-way left turn lane, driving in, or turning from through lane.
I21461(a)Traffic control sign, failure to obey regulatory provisions.
I21461.5Pedestrian, failure to obey any sign or signal.
I21462Traffic control signals, all traffic (Sec. 620) to obey.
I21463Traffic signals, illegal operation.
I21464(a)Signs, signals, markers, or motorist call boxes, damaging, removing, or attaching material to.
I21464(b)Person using or unauthorized vehicle equipped with signal changing device.
I 21464(c) Possessing, manufacturing, installing, selling, or distriuting equipment described in section (b) of this code.
M/F 21464(d) Violation of (a) (b), or (c) of VC Section 21464 that results in injury or death.
I21464(e)Willful interference with traffic device or willful use, possession, or distribution of traffic interference device not resulting in injury.
I21465Traffic devices, display of unauthorized.
I21466Blinding lights, displayed toward highway.
I21466.5Display of light source impairing vision of drivers.
I21650Right half of roadway, failure to drive on.
I21650.1Bicycle on roadway or shoulder required to be operated in same direction as motor vehicles.
I21651(a)Divided highways, driving over, upon or across dividing section; left or semicircular U-turn except through marked opening.
M21651(b)Driving the wrong way on a divided highway.
M/F21651(c)Driving the wrong way on a divided highway which causes injury or death.
I21652Service road, entering or leaving adjacent highway from other than lawful opening.
I21654(a)Slower vehicle, in left lane(s).
I21655(b)Certain vehicles (22406) using left lane(s), or passing in lane other than adjacent to right lane. Trailer buses allowed in HOV lane.
I21655.5(b)Failure to obey sign posted preferential traffic lane(s); exceptions - motorcycles, mass transit buses, and paratransit vehicles.
I21655.8(a)Crossing over double yellow lines to enter or exit a preferential use traffic lane.
I21655.9(b)No person shall drive a vehicle described in 5205.5 unless the proper decal, label, or other identifier is displayed
M21655.9(c)No person shall operate or own a vehicle displaying a decal, label, or other identifier as described in 5205.5, if that decal, label, or other identifier is not assigned to that vehicle.
I21656Slow vehicle, failure to use signposted turnout or safe area.
I21657One-way street, highway, driving against traffic.
I21658(a)Laned roadways (2 or more lanes in direction of travel), straddling or changing when unsafe.
I21658(b)Designate lanes, failure to obey signs.
I216593-lane highway, driving in far left lane, or using center lane when unsafe.
I21660Meeting vehicles, failure to pass to right, and/or yield half of roadway.
I21661Descending narrow grade, yield to ascending vehicle.
I21662Mountain driving, hold motor vehicle under control.
I21662(a)Mountain driving, drive as near the right edge as possible.
I21662(b)Mountain driving, roadway with insufficient width, driver to give audible warning where view obstructed within 200 feet.
I21663Driving on sidewalk, except when permitted.
I21664Exiting or entering a freeway at other than a designated on-ramp or off-ramp.
I21700Obstructing driver’s view or control, by passengers or load.
I21700.5Operation of bus with school pupils standing in city of San Diego.
I21701Interfering with driver’s control of vehicle.
M21702(a)Driving Hours-Persons, not to exceed 10 hours.
M21702(b)Driving Hours-Property, not to exceed 12 hours.
I21703Following Too Closely, not reasonable and prudent.
I21704(a)Distance between trucks, 300 feet on 2-lane highway.
I21705Caravans, maintain at least 100 feet distance between vehicles.
I21706Authorized emergency vehicles, following within 300 feet.
I21706.5(b)A person shall not operate a vehicle in an unsafe manner within an emergency incident zone.
I21707Fire area, operating vehicle within the block or 300 feet.
I21708Fire hoses, driving over unprotected.
I21709Safety zone, driving through.
I21710Coasting, in neutral on downgrade.
I21711Towed vehicle, whipping, swerving or failing to track properly.
I21712(a)Permitting person to ride where unlawful.
I21712(b)Unlawful riding on portion not intended for passengers or load.
I21712(c)Person driving a motor vehicle shall not knowingly permit a person to ride in the trunk of that motor vehicle.
I21712(d)A person shall not ride in the trunk of a vehicle.
I21712(g)Permitting riding in trailer coach or trailer carrying vessel unlawful.
I21712(h)Unlawful towing of bicycle, skis, sled, etc.
M21713Privately owned armored car, operated without CHP license.
I21714(a)Operating a fully enclosed 3-wheel motor vehicle described in 27803(f) adjacent to lane markings.
I21714(b)Operating fully enclosed 3-wheel motor vehicle described in 27803 (f) in any lane established under 21655.5 between vehicles.
I21715(a)Passenger vehicle towing more than one other vehicle. (See 36625 and 36626 for exceptions.)
I21715(b)Motor vehicle under 4,000 pounds towing any vehicle over 6,000 pounds.
I21716Operating golf cart in speed zone above 25 mph.
I21717Motor vehicle turning across a bicycle lane.
I21718(a)Stopping or parking on freeway having full access and no crossing grades.
I21720Pocket bike, shall not be operated on a sidewalk, roadway, or any part of a highway, or on a bikeway, bicycle path or trail, equestrian trail, hiking or recreational trail, or on public lands open to off-highway motor vehicle use.
I21750Overtaking vehicle, failure to pass safely to left.
I 21750(a) Passing or overtaking to the left of a vehicle proceeding in the same direction at an unsafe distance and interfering with the safe operation of the overtaken vehicle. Effective September 16, 2014
I21751Overtaking vehicle, passing without sufficient clearance.
I21752(a)Driving left of center, when view limited by curve or hill crest.
I21752(b)Driving left of center, when view limited approaching bridge, viaduct or tunnel.
I21752(c)Driving left of center, traversing any RR crossing.
I21752(d)Driving left of center, traversing any intersection.
I21753Overtaken vehicle, not moving to right on audible signal, or increasing speed.
I21754Passing on right, when unlawful.
I 21755(a) Passing on right, when unsafe, or on shoulder.
I21756(a)Passing streetcar when receiving or discharging passengers.
I21756(b)Passing streetcar at unsafe speed.
I21756(c)Passing trolley coach at unsafe speed.
I21757Passing streetcar on left.
I21758Passing too slowly on grade (10 mph faster, complete pass 1/4 mile).
I21759Passing animals, stop or reduce speed as necessary.
I 21760(b) Passing or overtaking a bicycle proceeding in the same direction and interfering with the safe operation of the overtaken bicycle.
I 21760(c) Passing or overtaking a bicycle without 3ft. distance.
I 21760(d) Failure of driver to slow to a speed that is reasonable and prudent when unable to pass a bicycle with 3ft. of distance.
I21800(a)Uncontrolled intersection, yield to first vehicle within.
I21800(b)Uncontrolled intersection, yield to vehicle on right.
I21800(c)Intersection controlled from all sides (4-way stop), yield to vehicle on right.
I21800(d)(1)Driver shall stop at intersection with inoperative signals.
I21800(d)(2)Two vehicles at intersection with inoperative signals; driver on left yield right-of-way.
I21801(a)Left turns or U-turns yield until reasonably safe.
I21801(b)Failure to yield, turning vehicle having yielded (lane by lane).
I21802(a)Entering through highway, yield until reasonably safe.
I21802(b)Failure to yield, by vehicle not a hazard.
I21803(a)Yield signs, yield until reasonably safe.
I21803(b)Failure to yield, by vehicle not a hazard.
I21804(a)Public or private property, yield to approaching traffic so close as to constitute an immediate hazard.
I21804(b)Failure to yield, by vehicle not a hazard.
I21805(b)Equestrian crossings, failure to yield by driver.
I21805(c)Horseback rider proceeding into path of vehicle.
I21806(a)Emergency vehicles, other driver failing to yield.
I21806(b)Emergency vehicles, motorman failing to yield.
I21806(c)Emergency vehicles, pedestrian failing to yield.
I21807Driving authorized emergency vehicle without due regard for safety of persons and property.
I 21809(a)A person driving on a freeway approaching a stopped emergency vehicle, tow truck, or marked Department of Transportation vehicle with its emergency or flashing amber warning lights on, if in an immediately adjacent lane, must change to an adjacent lane or slow to a prudent speed.
I21950(a)Crosswalks, failure to yield to pedestrians within.
I21950(b)Crosswalk, pedestrian running in front of vehicle.
I21950(c)Failure to exercise due care and reduce speed of the vehicle for pedestrians.
I21951Crosswalk, overtaking and passing vehicle stopped for pedestrian within.
I21952Sidewalk, failure to yield to pedestrian on.
I21953Pedestrian yield, if protected crossing available.
I21954(a)Pedestrian yield, upon roadway outside crosswalk.
I21955Jaywalking, between signal controlled intersections.
I21956Walking on roadway, other than pedestrian’s left edge.
I21957Hitchhiking, while standing in roadway.
I21959Skiing, tobogganing, on or across highway interfering with traffic.
I21960(a)Violation of freeway or expressway use restrictions by pedestrian, motor-driven cycle, motorized bicycle, or motorized scooter.
M21963Fail to yield right of way to blind pedestrian.
I21964Other than blind person carrying white cane.
I21966Pedestrian in a bicycle lane where pedestrian facility.
I21968Motorized skateboard on highway, bikeway, or trail.
I21970(a)Stopping unnecessarily and blocking a marked or unmarked crosswalk or sidewalk.
I22100(a)Right turn at intersection, improper position.
I22100(b)Left turn at intersection, improper position.
I22100.5U-turn at traffic signal, only from left lane.
I22101(d)Required or prohibited turn, failure to obey official sign.
I22102U-turn in business district, other than from extreme left-hand lane at an intersection or opening in divided highway.
I22103U-turn in residence district, vehicle approaching within 200 feet.
I22104U-turn at fire station, in front of or using entrance.
I22105U-turn, vision obstructed within 200 feet.
I22106Starting or backing when unsafe.
I22107Unsafe turn, and/or without signalling.
I22108Turning without signalling last 100 feet.
I22109Stopping suddenly without signalling.
I22110Signals shall be given by signal lamp, unless a vehicle is not required to be and is not equipped with turn signals. Vehicles not required to be and not equipped with turn signals shall give a hand and arm signal.
I22111(a)Left turn hand signal, improperly given.
I22111(b)Right turn hand signal, improperly given.
I22111(c)Stop hand signal, improperly given.
I22112(a)Schoolbus driver shall activate amber warning light system 200 feet prior to stop. Driver shall deactivate amber system upon stop. Driver shall activate flashing red light system and stop signal arm when the bus is stopped for loading and unloading pupils.
I22112(b)Schoolbus driver, stop to load or unload pupils only at designated schoolbus stops.
I22112(c)Schoolbus driver, when required, ensure the flashing red signal system and stop signal arm are activated and it is safe to enter or exit the schoolbus.
I22112(d)Schoolbus driver, escort pupil with hand held stop sign, require all pupils to walk in front of bus, ensure all pupils and pedestrians are a safe distance from the bus before departing.
I22112(e)Schoolbus driver, may not activate the amber warning light system at specified locations, except where pupils must cross the highway.
I22112(f)Activation of either the amber warning light system or the flashing red light system at a location determined by the CHP as necessary.
I22348(b)Driving in excess of 100 mph.
I22348(c)Vehicle subject to 22406 using left lane(s) or passing in lane other than lane immediately adjacent to right lane.
I22349(a)Exceeding 65 mph maximum speed limit.
I22349(b)Exceeding 55 mph speed limit on a two-lane undivided highway.
I22350Unsafe speed for prevailing conditions (use for all prima facie limits).
I22356(b)Exceeding the maximum speed limit, as specified.
I22400(a)Minimum speed, impeding normal flow of traffic.
I22400(b)Minimum speed, below signposted limit.
I22405(a)Unsafe speed (signposted) for condition of bridge, structure, tube or tunnel.
I22406(a) 55 mph limit, truck or truck tractor (3 axle or any combo).
I22406(b)55 mph limit, passenger car, or bus, towing any vehicle.
I22406(c)55 mph limit, schoolbus with pupils.
I22406(d)55 mph limit, farm labor vehicle transporting passengers.
I22406(e)55 mph limit, any vehicle transporting explosives.
I22406(f) 55 mph limit, trailer bus.
M22406.1Operating a commercial vehicle, as defined, upon a highway at a speed exceeding 15 mph over the established maximum speed limit.
I22406.5Speeding or reckless driving, tank vehicles transporting more than 500 gallons of flammable liquid.
I22407Truck speed on downgrade, exceeding posted limit 10,000 lbs. or over.
I22409Solid tire vehicle, speed restricted by weight.
I22410Metal tire, vehicle exceeding 6 mph.
I22411No person shall operate a motorized scooter at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour.
I22450(a)Stop sign, failure to stop at limit line, crosswalk, or entrance to intersection.
I22450(b)Stop sign at railroad crossing, stop at a limit line, first track or entrance to railroad grade crossing.
I22451(a)RR crossing, vehicle or pedestrian fails to stop for signal device or closely approaching train.
I22451(b)RR crossing, driver or pedestrian proceeding through a closed crossing gate.
I22452(b)Railroad crossing, certain vehicles, including farm labor vehicles and any school bus transporting pupils, must stop.
I22454(a)Passing school bus, stop when red lights flashing.
I22455(a)Failure to bring a commercial vehicle to a complete stop and lawfully parked while engaged in vending from the vehicle.
I22456(d)Ice cream truck shall be equipped while vending in residential areas with legible signs.
I22456(e)A person may not vend from an ice cream truck that is stopped, parked, or standing on any public street, alley or highway as specified.
C22500(a)Parking unlawfully, within intersection.
C22500(b)Parking unlawfully, on crosswalk.
C22500(c)Parking unlawfully, adjacent to safety zone.
C22500(d)Parking unlawfully, within 15 feet of fire station driveway.
C22500(e)Parking unlawfully, blocking any driveway.
C22500(f)Parking unlawfully, on a sidewalk.
C22500(g)Parking unlawfully, blocking excavation.
C22500(h)Parking unlawfully, double parking.
I/C22500(i)Parking unlawfully, in posted bus loading zone.
I22500(j)Parking unlawfully, in tube or tunnel.
I22500(k)Parking upon any bridge, unless posted to permit.
I/C22500(l)Parking unlawfully, blocking sidewalk wheelchair access.
I/C22500.1Parking unlawfully, in a fire lane.
C22502(a)Park parallel on right, and/or within 18" if curbed; motorcycle, one wheel at curb.
C22502(e)Parking on one-way streets-parallel parking on left permitted within 18" of curb except upon divided highways.
I22504(a)Stopping or parking, on roadway outside city limits.
I 22504(c)(1) A school bus stop is not permitted where there is not a clear view of the stop from at least 200 feet in each direction or from at least 500 feet on a highway with a speed greater than 25 MPH.
I22505(b)Stop, park, or leave standing on state highway where sign posted.
I/C22507.8(a)Parking in spaces, on public streets or public or privately owned off-street parking facilities designated for handicapped prohibited.
I/C22507.8(b)Obstruct or block designated handicapped parking space, except as provided.
I/C22507.8(c)Makes it unlawful to park on the lines marking the boundaries of a parking stall or space designated for disabled persons or an area designated for the loading and unloading of vehicles.
C22510(a)Parking in snow areas, where sign posted by local jurisdictions.
C22510(c)Parking in snow areas where sign posted by Caltrans.
I/C 22511.1(a) Parking in a space designated for vehicle connected for electronic charging purposes.
C22511.1(b)Block parking space designated for clean air vehicles.
I22511.56Failure to present identification and evidence of issuance of placard to peace officer upon request.
M22513(b)Tow truck, unauthorized stop at accident or for disabled to solicit services.
M22513(c)Tow truck, unauthorized moving of vehicle
C22514Fire hydrant, parking unattended vehicle within 15 feet.
C22515(a)Unattended motor vehicle, motor running and/or brakes not set.
C22515(b)Unattended vehicle, wheels not blocked, and/or not set.
I22516Locked vehicle, with person who cannot escape.
I22517Vehicle doors, opening to traffic when unsafe, leaving open.
I22520.5(a)Person who solicits, displays, sells, or vends within the freeway right-of-way.
M22520.5(a)Person who solicits, displays, sells, or vends within the freeway right-of-way. Second offense.
I22520.6(a)Person who solicits, displays, sells, or vends within a highway rest area or vista point.
M22520.6(a)Person who solicits, displays, sells, or vends within a highway rest area or vista point. Second offense.
C22521Unlawful to park within 7 1/2 ft. of railroad track.
I22522Parking within 3 feet of a sidewalk access ramp.
I22523(a)Abandoning vehicle on highway.
I22523(b)Abandoning vehicle on public or private property.
I22526(a)Entering intersection without sufficient space to clear intersection.
I22526(b)Driver making left turn, facing yellow traffic signal, entering an intersection without sufficient space to clear intersection.
I22526(c)Entering railroad without sufficient space to clear the railroad. Driver’s prohibited from traversing railroad crossings unless vehicle’s undercarriage has sufficient clearance to cross intersection.
I 22526(d) Entering railroad or rail transit crossing without sufficient space to clear the crossing and to accommodate the vehicle driven and any railway vehicle.
I22650Unauthorized removal of unattended vehicle from highway.
C 22651.07 Failure of a towing company to properly post or provide copies of a “Towing Fees and Access Notice”.
I22651.7(b)Immobilization of vehicle by unauthorized person.
I22651.1Persons operating storage facility, where vehicles are stored pursuant to Section 22651, shall accept a valid credit card or cash for payment of towing and storage fees.
I22658(e)(2)Property owner or agent’s responsibility for vehicle removal.
M22658(g)Tow company shall immediately and unconditionally release a vehicle not yet removed from private property.
M22658(i)(1)(B)Towing operator shall make available for inspection CHP approved rate to law enforcement, Attorney General, district attorney, or city attorney.
M22658(j)(2)Excessive towing, service, or storage charge.
M22658(k)(1)Storage facility refusing to accept a valid credit card as payment.
M22658(k)(2)Storage facility shall conspicuously display advising all valid credit cards and cash are acceptable means of payment.
M22658(l)Tow company shall maintain the original written authorization.
M22658(m)Failure of a tow company to provide proper notification to law enforcement.
I22658.1(a)Tow company failure to notify property owner of damage sustained, including fence, while removing vehicle.
I22951Parking lot operator, patron’s vehicle on street or alley.
I22952(a)Parking lot operator, having vehicle removed within 24 hours.
I22952(b)Parking lot operator, having vehicle removed for nonpayment when no pay facilities available.
I22953(a)Towing of a vehicle parked in a no cost privately owned off- street parking facility within one hour of the vehicle being parked, prohibited
M23103(a)Reckless driving, no injury.
M23103(b)Reckless driving, off-street parking facility.
M23104(a)Reckless driving, causing bodily injury.
F23104(b)Reckless driving, causing great bodily injury with specified prior convictions.
M23105(a)Reckless driving, with specific injury (refer to code).
M23109(a)Speed contest, engage in.
M23109(b)Speed contest, aid or abet.
M23109(c)Exhibition of speed, engaged aid or abet.
M23109(d)Speed contest, blocking or obstructing highway.
M23109(e)(2)Engaging in a speed contest, causing specific injury.
M/F 23109(f)(3) Repeat violation of 23109 (a) (b) (c) (d) or (f) within 5 years causing serious bodily injury.
M/F23109.1Engaging in a speed contest resulting in specific injury.
M23110(a)Throwing substance at vehicle.
F23110(b)Throwing missile with intent to do serious bodily harm.
I23111Lighted substance, throwing on highway.
I23112(a)Litterbug, depositing glass or trash on highway.
I23112(b)Litterbug, depositing rocks or dirt anywhere on right of way.
M23112.5(a)Hazardous material spill, notification to CHP.
I23113(a)Failure to remove spilled material immediately.
I/M23114(a)Spilling load, other than loose hay and straw, clear water, and feathers from live birds.
I/M23114(b)Aggregate material, failure to comply with equipment requirements.
M23114(e)Aggregate material, failure to cover load.
I/M23114(f)Failure to provide a location for operators to cover load.
I23115(a)Rubbish vehicle, transporting specified garbage, cover required to prevent spilling load.
I23116(a)Unlawful to transport person in back of motor truck.
I23116(b)Unlawful to ride in back of motor truck.
I23117(a)Unrestrained animal in space intended for load.
I23120 Obstructed side-vision, by wide earpiece on glasses.
I23123(a)Person prohibited from operating motor vehicle while using wireless telephone without a hands free device.
I 23123.5(a) A person shall not drive a motor vehicle while using an electronic wireless communications device to write, send, or read a text–based communication, unless it is designed and configured for voice–operated and hands–free operation.
I23124(b) Person under 18 prohibited from operating motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone or an electronic wireless communications device (to talk or text), even if it is equipped with a hands-free device.
I23125(a)Driving school bus or transit vehicle while using wireless phone.
M23127Riding, bicycle path or hiking trail, unauthorized motor vehicle on.
I23128(a)Snowmobile, operating on highway except in crossing.
I23128(b)Snowmobile, careless or negligent operation.
I23128(c)Snowmobile, pursuing game animal with intent to harass.
I23128(d)Snowmobile, operating for purpose of violating 602 P.C.
I23129Operation of vehicle with camper with obstructed or inoperable exits in which persons are riding.
I23135Operating motorized bicycle modified to no longer conform to definition.
I23136(a)Minor driving with a BAC of .01% or greater.
I23140(a)Minor driving with BAC of .05% or more.
M23152(a)Under the influence of alcohol while driving a vehicle.
M23152(b)Driving a vehicle with a BAC of .08% or more.
M23152(c)Addict driving a vehicle, except when in an approved treatment program.
M23152(d)Commercial Driver, driving a commercial vehicle with a BAC of .04% or more.
M 23152(e) Driving a vehicle while under the influence of any drug.
M 23152(f) Driving a vehicle while under the combined influence of alcohol and drugs.
M/F23153(a)Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and causing injury or death to another.
M/F23153(b)Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of .08% or more and causing injury or death to another.
M/F23153(d) Commercial Driver, driving a commercial vehicle with a BAC of .04% or more, and causing injury or death to another.
M/F 23153(e) Driving a vehicle while under the influence of any drug causing injury or death to another.
M/F 23153(f) Driving a vehicle under the combined influence of alcohol and drugs, causing injury or death to another.
I 23154(a) Prohibits a person who is on probation for DUI to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of .01 percent or greater.
I23213Unlawful for patient or person residing at a social rehabilitation facility to have a motor vehicle registered in their name on or near the rehabilitation facility.
I23220(a)Drinking alcoholic beverage while driving a motor vehicle on highway.
I23221(a)No driver shall drink an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle on a highway.
I23221(b)No passenger shall drink an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle on a highway.
I23222(a)Alcohol, personal possession of an opened container while driving a motor vehicle.
I23222(b)Marijuana, possession of less than one ounce while driving a motor vehicle.
I23223(a)No driver shall have in possession an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle on a highway.
I23223(b)No passenger shall have in possession an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle on a highway.
M23224(a)Driver under 21, knowingly operating vehicle carrying alcohol.
M23224(b)Passenger under 21, personal possession of alcohol in motor vehicle.
I23225(a)(1)Owner or driver allowing opened container in passenger area.
I23225(b)Driver allowing opened container in passenger area, registered owner not present.
I23226(a)No driver shall allow alcoholic beverages in passenger compartment, living quarters of campers and housecars exempted.
I23226(b)No passenger shall allow alcoholic beverages in passenger compartment, living quarters of campers and housecars exempted.
M 23229.1(a) Violating Public Utilities Code section 5384.1.
M23247(a)Ignition interlock device, renting, leasing, or lending motor vehicle. (Operative 7/1/93)
M23247(b)Ignition interlock device, soliciting another person to start vehicle. (Operative 7/1/93)
M23247(c)Ignition interlock device, activating vehicle for driver. (Operative 7/1/93)
M23247(d)Ignition interlock device, tampering with or circumventing operation of. (Operative 7/1/93)
M23247(e)Operation of vehicle which has been prohibited by a court order.
M23253Vehicular crossing or toll highway: failure to obey officer’s lawful order.
I23270(a)Vehicular crossing: unauthorized towing or pushing.
I23270(b)Charging excessive fee for towing on vehicular crossing.
I23302(a)Vehicular crossing or toll highway: refusing to pay toll charge
I 23302(a)(3) Failure of motorcyclist to properly place or display transponder for payment of toll fees.
I23302(b)Failure to display transponder on specified vehicle crossing or toll highway.
I23302(c)Pay by plate vehicular crossing or toll highway, failure to have valid vehicle license plates and/or full monetary or electronic payment.
I23302(d)Pay by plate, electronic (only) vehicular crossing or toll highway, failure to have valid license plates and/or transponder or other electronic device payment in full.
C23302.5(a)Vehicular crossing or toll highway: evading toll charge.
I23330Vehicular crossing: (a) unauthorized use by animals, (b) bicycles, motorized bicycles, motorized scooters, (c) overwidth vehicles, (d) carrying items prohibited by the Department of Transportation.
I23331Vehicular crossing: unauthorized use by pedestrians.
M23332Vehicular crossing: person in unauthorized area.
I23333Vehicular crossing: unauthorized standing or parking.
I23336Vehicular crossing: failure to obey any sign or regulation.
M/F23550.5(a)Driving under the influence, within 10 years of prior felony DUI.