Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 14.8 Safety Regulations

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division 14.8 of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
I34500.3Noncompliance with CHP cargo regulations.
M34501(e)Bus terminal or maintenance facility, bus operation without CHP inspection.
I34501.1Manufacturers and distributors of wheelchair lifts shall submit proof of safety certification to the CHP.
I34501.2(b)(1)Driving hours and duty status.
I34501.2(b)(2)Motor carrier requiring driver to exceed maximum hours of service.
I34501.2(c)(1)Driving hours and duty status, agricultural drivers.
M34501.3(a)Schedule necessitating unlawful speeds.
I34501.4Failure to produce complete driver’s logbook for the last 24-hour period.
I34501.8(b)General public paratransit vehicle, operation without required inspection certificate.
M34501.12(e)Motor carrier, failure to submit application and fees for original and subsequent inspection.
M34501.14(b)Failure to apply for grape gondola inspection.
M34501.14(c)Operation of grape gondola without being inspected and certified.
M34501.14(d)Operation of grape gondola without being inspected and certified.
I34501.17(a)Failure to inspect, maintain or lubricate paratransit vehicle.
I34501.17(b)Failure to document inspection and maintenance information; maintain records at place of business; present documentation to CHP; maintain odometer of paratransit vehicle.
M34501.18Motor carriers employing more than 20 full-time drivers required to report to CHP when more than half of their drivers are replaced within a 30-day period.
M34505(a)Tour bus required to be inspected every 45 days.
M34505(b)Tour bus not to be operated until defects corrected.
M34505(c)Tour bus records of inspection to be retained in garage where tour bus kept for 1 year and include specified information.
M34505.5(a)Motor carrier inspect vehicles every 90 days.
M34505.5(b)All defects noted must be repaired prior to operation.
M34505.5(c)Records must be maintained at motor carrier’s terminal, include specified information, and retained for 2 years.
I34505.9(g)Ocean marine terminal operator, threaten, coerce, or retaliate against any driver.
M34505.10Motor carriers failure to retain required records of contracted transportation service.
M34506(a)Driving hours, failure to comply.
M34506(b)Hazardous materials, failure to comply.
M34506(c)Schoolbus construction, design, color, equipment, maintenance, or operation, failure to comply.
M34506(d)Provides a penalty for failing to comply with regulations regarding youth bus equipment, maintenance or operation.
M34506(e)Provides a penalty for failing to comply with regulations regarding tour bus equipment, maintenance or operation.
M34506(f)Commercial vehicles, failure to comply with any equipment, maintenance, or operation regulation.
M34506(g)School pupil activity bus; equipment, maintenance or operation.
I34506.3Failure to comply with any rule or regulation pursuant to Division 14.8.
I34507Failure of motor carrier subject to PUC or ICC to have such identifying number or symbol displayed on vehicle.
I34507.5(a)Motor carrier, must make application for a carrier identification number unless exempted.
I34507.5(b)Motor carrier, failure to display carrier identification number.
I34507.5(e)Identification number shall be legible from a distance of 50 feet.
I34507.5(h)When no longer in business, identification markings shall be removed.
I34507.6(a)Bus carrier identification number, shall obtain from CHP.
I34507.6(b)Bus carrier identification number, properly displayed.
I 34509(a)Vanpool vehicle, equipped with fire extinguisher
I 34509(b)Vanpool vehicle, equipped with first aid kit.
I 34509(c)Vanpool vehicle, properly inspected and maintained.
I 34509(d)Vanpool vehicle, inspections must be documented and maintained with vehicle for one year, present to any authorized representative of the CHP.
I 34509(e)Proper display, identifying as a vanpool vehicle.
I34510(a)Vehicles transporting hazardous material subject to Division 14.8 shall carry shipping papers, including bill of lading, and must display to officer upon demand.
I34510(b)Intermodal transportation vehicles with cargo weight exceeding 10,000 lbs. shall carry certificate of actual gross cargo weight and description of container contents; must display to officer upon demand.
M 34510.5(a)(1) Failure of broker of construction truck services to secure a surety bond while providing services.
M 34510.5(a)(2)(A) Failure of broker to annually provide written evidence of valid surety bond to third party, or post current copy on broker's website.
M 34510.5(a)(2)(B) Failure of broker to notify third-party nonprofit when surety bond is cancelled or expired, or to remove it from their website.
M 34510.5(b) Broker hiring a motor carrier without providing written evidence of valid surety bond.
M 34516(a) Prohibits the use of certain vehicles to transport food products for human consumption if the vehicles have been used to transport solid waste.
I34517(a)Prohibits operation outside boundaries of designated commercial zone of vehicle from another county without prior approval of the United States Department of Transportation.
I34518(a)Foreign motor vehicle, operation without certificate.
I34518(b)Foreign motor vehicle, operating beyond limitations or restrictions of certificate.
I34518(c)Foreign motor carrier shall not operate a vehicle unless inspected by a Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspector every three months.
M34520(e)Motor carriers and drivers must comply with federal drug and alcohol use testing requirements, including pre-employment testing.
M34520(a)Motor carriers and drivers comply with federal drug and alcohol use and testing requirements.
M34520(b)Motor carrier make available copies of results and records of drug and alcohol use and testing.
M34520(c)Testing consortium mail positive drug and alcohol test results summaries to the California Highway Patrol within 3 days of test.
I34520(e)Owner-operator shall notify contracted motor carriers when the requirements of Section 15242 VC have been met.
M34520(f)Owner-operator placed on duty by a motor carrier before preemployment drug and alcohol test has been completed.
I34520.3School transportation vehicle driver must participate in a program that is consistent with the federal controlled substance and alcohol use testing requirements that apply to school bus drivers.
I34520.5(a)Failure of employer of driver of paratransit vehicle to participate in federal drug and alcohol testing program.
I34520.5(c)Failure of employer of paratransit vehicle to participate in pull notice program.
M34620(a)Motor Carrier of Property, operating without registering its carrier identification number with the DMV or failing to posses a valid motor carrier permit issued by DMV.
M34620(b) Contracting or subcontracting with motor carrier of property without certification, or contracting by a broker of construction services without certification.
M34623(c)Motor carrier permits shall be suspended for failure to comply with federal law described in Section 34520.
M34623(g)Motor carrier of property operating when permit suspended.
M34623(h)Motor carrier of property who is suspended for the failure to maintain any vehicle in safe operating condition, may not operate the vehicles of the carrier subject to the suspension, during the period of the suspension.
M34660(a)Motor carrier of property continuing to operate after permit suspended by DMV.