Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 16.5 Off Highway Vehicles

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division 16.5 of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
I38010(a)Vehicles not registered and used exclusively off-highway required to display ID plate. Exceptions.
I38020Off-highway vehicles, not registered, required to be identified.
I38026.5(b)Prohibited operation of off-highway vehicles on designated highways.
I38027Off-highway vehicles moved by non-mechanical means.
I38060(a)Change of address, notify DMV within 10 days.
I38060(b)Change of address, owner to change on certificate.
I38085(a)Identification certificate, owner maintain with vehicle.
I38090ID certificate or plates, stolen, lost, mutilated, or illegible, owner immediately apply for duplicate.
I38095Certificate of ownership, stolen, lost, mutilated, or illegible, owner immediately apply for duplicate.
I38170(a)ID plate required to be displayed.
I38170(b)ID plate, securely attached and clearly visible. No covering.
I38170(c)ID plates, properly displayed
I38200(a)Transfer of ownership, dealer notify DMV.
I38200(b)Unlicensed dealer of off-highway vehicles immediately notify DMV of change of ownership.
I38205Transfer of ownership, transferee notify DMV within 10 days.
I38300Failure to obey any sign, signal, or traffic control device.
I38301Unlawful to violate special regulations
I38302Unlawful to erect any sign, signal, or traffic control device unless authorized by law.
I38304Operator unable to reach or operate all vehicle controls.
I38304.1 Neither a parent or guardian of a child who is under 14 years of age, nor an adult who is authorized by the parent or guardian to supervise that child, shall grant permission to, or knowingly allow, that child to operate an off-highway motor vehicle in a manner that violates CVC Section 38304.
I38305Off-highway prima facie speed limit.
I38310Speed limit within 50 feet of people or animals.
I38312Unsafe start.
I38314Unsafe turning movement.
M38316(a)Reckless driving, willful and wanton disregard for safety of persons or property.
M38317Reckless driving, causing injury.
M38318(a)Throwing a substance at an off-highway motor vehicle or occupant.
F38318(b)Throwing a substance, with intent to do great bodily injury.
M38318.5(a)Maliciously removes or alters trail, danger, or directional markers.
F38318.5(b)Maliciously with the intent to do great bodily harm, erects or places chain, cable, rope, etc.
M38319Illegal to operate or own vehicle which is operated in a manner which harms the environment.
M38320(b)Illegal dumping.
I38330Unsafe vehicle; condition.
I38335One lighted headlamp required during darkness.
I38345One lighted red tail lamp required during darkness.
I38355(a)Service brake required on off-highway vehicles.
I38365(a)Adequate mufflers required on off-highway vehicles.
I38366(a)Spark arrester required.
I38370Persons selling/offering new off-highway vehicle subject to identification which produces maximum allowable noise.
I38370(b)(1)Noise limits.
I38370(g)Off-highway vehicle required to have silencer to limit noise emissions.
I38375(a)Off-highway vehicle equipped with siren.
I38375(b)Use of siren while driving an off-highway motor vehicle.
I38380Additional equipment requirements.
I38390Illegal to operate an off-highway vehicle without emission control equipment.
I38391Illegal to offer, or sell, off-highway vehicles without emission control equipment.
I38393Illegal to operate an off-highway vehicle after notification by a traffic officer that the vehicle is not equipped with a proper smog device.
I38503Person under 18 years of age operating all-terrain vehicle on public lands without safety certificate.
I38504Person under 14 years of age operating all-terrain vehicle on public lands without being under the supervision of an adult.
I38504.1(a)Parent or guardian of a person under 14 years of age allowed to operate all-terrain vehicle on public land without being under the supervision of an adult.
I38505All-terrain vehicle, must wear safety helmet when operating or riding on public lands.
I 38506 No operator of an all-terrain vehicle shall carry a passenger when operating on public lands except under specific circumstances.
I 38600 Person under 16 yrs. of age operating a recreational off-highway vehicle, unless directly supervised by parent or guardian, or authorized adult.
I 38601 Person operating, or allowing any passenger in, a recreational off-highway vehicle without wearing safety helmets.
I 38602 Person operating, or any passenger in a recreational off-highway vehicle not wearing a seatbelt, shoulder belt, or safety harness when the vehicle is in motion.
I 38603 Person operating a recreational off-highway vehicle, allowing a passenger to occupy a seat not designed and provided by the manufacturer. Except as provided in VC Section 38603 (b).
I 38604 Person operating a recreational off-highway vehicle with a passenger who, when seated upright, with their back against the seatback, cannot grasp the occupant handhold while the seatbelt and shoulder belt or safety harness are properly fastened.
I 38750(b)(2) Operating autonomous vehicle while not seated in the driver's seat, monitoring the safe operation, and capable of taking immediate control.
M 38750(b)(3) Autonomous vehicle manufacturer testing without license or insurance.
I 38750(c) Operating an autonomous vehicle on public roads without an approved DMV application.