Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 3 Registration of Vehicles

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division 3 of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
I4000(a)(1)Vehicle on highway or off-street parking facility unregistered or with additional fees due; exceptions.
I4000(b)Vehicle on highway registered in violation of air pollution control regulations; exceptions.
I4000.4(a)Unregistered California based vehicle.
I4000.5(a)An autoette shall be registered.
I4000.5(b)Autoette license plate shall be removed and returned to if removed from an island, as described.
I4000.6(d)Commercial vehicles exceeding declared gross vehicle weight.
I4001Failure to register exempt vehicles and display license plate bearing distinguishing marks indicating exemption.
I4004(a)Commercial trip permit, identify vehicle, complete prior to operation, inaccessible from inside cab, valid.
I4152.5Upon expiration of home state license plates of a foreign vehicle, owner must make application for California registration within 20 days; exceptions.
I4159Change of address, notify DMV within 10 days. Replacement of motorcycle engines not required to destroy casings.
I4160Change of address, owner to change on registration slip.
I4161(a)Motor change, notify DMV within 10 days.
I4301Evidence of foreign registration, applicant to surrender.
I4453.6Failure of lessor of vehicle to furnish name and address of lessee upon demand of a peace officer.
I4454(a)Registration card, shall maintain the same or a facsimile copy thereof with the vehicle for which issued.
I4455Foreign commercial vehicle, carry temporary permit in vehicle at all times.
M 4456.4 Failure of new motor vehicle dealer to electronically register sold or leased vehicles.
M 4456.5 Misrepresenting a dealer document processing fee as a government fee.
I4457Plates, tabs, certificates; obtain new when lost, mutilated, or illegible.
I4458Plates, both lost or stolen, registered owner must notify police and apply for duplicates through DMV.
I4459Certificate of ownership, owner obtain duplicate when lost or mutilated.
C/M4461(a)Evidences of registration, lending or allowing improper use.
C/M4461(b)Disabled person placard, lending or allowing improper use.
C/M4461(c)Disabled person placard, improper use or display of cancelled or revoked placard.
C/M4461(d)Vehicle displaying disabled plates shall not be parked in disabled stall unless transporting disabled person.
I4462(a)Evidences of registration, present to officer for examination.
I4462(b)Evidences of registration, presenting for wrong vehicle.
M4462(c)Unlawful possession of registration card, identification card, temporary receipt, certification of ownership, license plate, or validation tab.
M4462.5Presenting or displaying false evidences of registration with the intent to avoid registration fees.
F4463(a)False evidences of registration, California or foreign, with intent to defraud.
M4463(b)Forges or counterfeits disabled person placard.
C/M4463(c)Displays a forged or counterfeit disabled persons placard.
M4463(d)Disabled person, lending placard.
I4463(e)Forged or counterfit Clean Air Sticker.
M4463.5(a)Facsimile license plates, unlawful manufacture or sale.
I4464Altered license plate, displayed upon vehicle.
I5011Special construction, mobile, cemetery equipment, trailer, semi-trailer, and logging vehicle, shall display ID plate issued pursuant to Section 5014 VC and Section 5014.1 VC.
I5011.5Charter Party Carrier-operated limousine, display special license plate required by Section 5385.6 PUC.
I5017Identification plate, attach to vehicle for which issued, surrender upon sale or destruction of vehicle.
I5018Transfer ownership of equipment, logging vehicle, or implement of husbandry, transfer of ownership within 10 days.
I5030Motorized bicycle required to display special license plate.
I5032Operation of motorized bicycle without applying for a license plate within 5 days.
I5035Motorized bicycle using license plate on another motorized bicycle.
I5037(a)Motorized bicycle sold on or after July 1, 1981, on a highway without assigned plates.
I5037(b)Motorized bicycle sold prior to July 1, 1981, on a highway without assigned plates after January 1, 1982.
I5109Environmental license plates. Notify DMV upon transfer of plates.
I5200(a)License plates; two on a vehicle, one in front and one in the rear.
I5200(b)License plates; only one issue shall be attached to the rear unless issued to a truck tractor and then to be displayed in accordance with Section 4850.5 VC.
I 5201(a) License plates, securely attached and clearly visible. Rear plate 12 to 60 inches high. Characters on plate must be upright and displayed from left to right.
I 5201(a)(6)(A) The rear license plate on a dump bed motortruck equipped with a trailing, load bearing swing axle shall be mounted more than 12 inches, but not more than 107 inches, from the ground.
I 5201(b) License plates clearly visible. No covering may be used on license plates, with certain exceptions.
I 5201(c)License plates, prohibits casing, shield, frame, border, product, or other device which obstructs or impairs the recognition of the license plate.
I5201.1(a)Selling a product that obscures or is intended to obscure a license plate.
I 5201.1(b) Operating a vehicle with a product or device that violates VC Section 5201.1(a).
I 5201.1(c) Altering a license plate to avoid visual or electronic capture of the license plate or its characters.
I5202License plates, operating vehicle without proper display of.
I5204(a)Current month and year tabs, attached to rear license plate, except on truck tractor to front plate.
I5206Partial year registration, shall display certificate or insignia.
I5302(d)Display of name, trademark, or logo of company required on both sides of a vehicle.
I5352Trailer coach, current registration required, on or off highway.
M5500(a)Dismantling of a vehicle, person in possession surrender ownership and registration documents to DMV.
M5506Salvage Vehicle Rebuilder reselling vehicle without certification of inspection from CHP or DMV.
I5604Insurance coverage, dealer to notify purchaser.
M5753(a)Failure of commercial dealer to deliver certificate of ownership and registration card to transferee.
I5753(c)(1)Certificate of ownership, upon receiving payment in full, shall deliver the vehicle’s certificate of ownership to the transferee within 15 business days.
I5753(c)(2)Certificate of ownership, delivered to lessee within 15 days of receiving payment in full for the purchase.
I5753(d)Certificate of ownership shall be signed by the legal owner or lessor reflecting transfer of ownership.
C5753(e)Provides civil penalties for failing to comply with the provisions of subdivisions (c) and (d).
M5753(f)Failure of licensed dealer upon written request to disclose pertinent information.
I5900(a)Transfer of ownership, owner to notify DMV within 5 days.
I5900(b)Transfer of ownership, owner notify DMV of mileage.
I5900(c)Transfer of ownership, person in possession of vehicle. Notify DMV of mileage. If sold or transferred through wholesale auction owner to supply dealer with information.
M5901(a)Transfer of ownership, dealer notify DMV.
M5901(b)Transfer of ownership, dealer notify DMV of mileage.
M5901(c)Transfer of ownership, person in possession of vehicle notify DMV of mileage.
I5902Transfer of ownership, transferee notify DMV within 10 days. Certificate to include DL/ID number.
I5906.5(a)Transfer of vehicles, no application required, transferee notify DMV of vehicle mileage.
I5906.5(b)Transfer of vehicle, no application required, person in possession notify DMV of vehicle mileage.
I6700.3(a)Filing with DMV for nonresident commuter indicia.
I6700.4Display of nonresident commuter indicia and identification card carried with vehicle.
I8057(a)Apportioned registration, fleet records to be maintained for 3 years after the close of the registration year, cost and weight records for 4 years after the vehicle was deleted.
I/M8802Evidence of registration, surrender when canceled, suspended or revoked. Misdemeanor with intent to defraud.
M8803Dealer, salesman, manufacturer, remanufacturer, transporter or dismantler, surrender licenses when canceled, suspended or revoked.
M8804Resident registering vehicle in a foreign jurisdiction.
I9102.5(b)Contract school bus, display of permit.
I9400Commercial vehicle weight fees due, 10,000 pounds or less.
I 9400.1(f)(4) Proper display of gross vehicle weight decals.
I 9400.1(f)(5) Weight decal must reflect proper gross vehicle weight reported to the department.
I9406Alterations increasing weight fee, failure to report.
I9564(b)Scrap metal processor submit documents and certificate of title.
I9564(c)Reconstruction of vehicle delivered to scrap metal processor.