Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 4 Special Antitheft Laws

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division 4 of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
I10500(a)Stolen vehicle or plates, police forward report to DOJ immediately.
M10501(a)False report of vehicle theft, with intent to deceive.
M/F 10501(b) Repeat offense of false report of vehicle theft, with intent to deceive.
I10502(b)Report of embezzled vehicle, owner notify CHP upon recovery.
I10551Stolen undocumented vessel, police notify DMV of theft and immediately upon recovery.
I10552False report of theft of undocumented vessel.
I10650(a)Towing service, shall keep written record of stored vehicles.
I10650(b)Towing service, specific data on written records.
I10650(c)Towing service, records kept for one year.
I10650(d)Towing service, statement of disposition upon termination of storage.
I10653Garage or repair shop notify sheriff or police of bullet marks within 24 hours.
I10654Renter of private building used as a private garage, notify sheriff or police of storage within 24 hours.
I10655Stored vehicles, keeper maintain records, make required reports.
M10750(a)Vehicle identifying numbers; altering, defacing or replacing.
M10751(a)Vehicle and component identifying numbers; knowingly buy, sell or possess vehicle with such numbers removed, altered, defaced.
M/F10752(a)Fraudulent acquisition or disposition of manufactures serial or identification number.
M/F10752(b)Fraudulent acquisition or disposition of CHP or DMV identification number.
M/F10801No person shall own or operate a chop shop.
M/F10802Vehicle identification numbers: alteration, obliteration, defacement, or forgery.
M/F10803(a)Vehicles and components: buy to resell knowing vehicle identification numbers have been defaced, counterfeited or obliterated.
M/F10803(b)Possession of vehicles or components with intent to sell knowing vehicle identification numbers have been defaced, counterfeited or obliterated.
M/F10851(a)Auto theft, permanently or temporarily deprive owner of possession.
F10851(b)Prescribes punishment for theft of ambulance, law enforcement or fire vehicle on an emergency call or vehicle displaying disabled plate or placard modified for use by a disabled person.
M10851.5Theft of binder chains, permanently or temporarily deprive the owner of possession.
M10852Injuring or tampering, with vehicle or contents.
M10853Unattended vehicle, tampering with mechanism or setting in motion.
M10854Stored vehicle, unlawful use by keeper.