Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 5 Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division 5 of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
M11100(a)Driver training school operator, unlicensed.
M11103Driving school operator and independent instructor, maintain required insurance.
M11103.1All-terrain vehicle training organization-required insurance.
M11108(a)Driving school operator and independent instructor, maintain specified records.
M11108(b)Retain records for 3 years.
M11108(c)Surrender records upon termination of activities.
M11108(d)ATV safety training organization, maintain records for safety instructors.
M11108(e)ATV instructor, report information to ATV training organization. ATV organization, report information to Department.
M11108.5(a)School owner, report change of ownership within 10 days.
M11108.5(b)School owner, immediately notify DMV of change of location.
M11108.5(c)School owner and instructor, report change of residence within five days.
M11109Driving school operator and independent instructor, maintain vehicles in safe condition.
M11110Driving schools, unlawful acts. (Use appropriate subsection.)
M11200(a)No person shall own, operate, or give instruction in a traffic violator school without a valid license issued by DMV.
M11200 (b)Traffic violator school to obtain signature on specified consumer disclosure statement.
M11202.5(a)No person shall operate a traffic violator school without a valid license issued by DMV.
M11206(a)No person shall act as a traffic violator school instructor without a valid license issued by DMV.
M11212(a)Failing to maintain prescribed records for traffic violator schools.
M11212(b)Traffic violator schools, retain records for 3 years.
M11212(c)Traffic violator schools, surrender records upon termination of activities.
M11212(d)Traffic violator school to use student's address for school administrative purposes only.
M11213(a)Traffic violator school owner shall notify DMV within 10 days of any change of ownership.
M11213(b)Traffic violator school owner shall immediately notify DMV upon changing the location of the school's place of business.
M11213(c)Traffic violator school operator/instructor notify of change of address within 5 days.
M11300Acting as a vehicle verifier without proper permit.
M11302.2(a)Vehicle verifiers, notify DMV of address change within 10 days.
M11307(a)Failure of vehicle verifier to maintain a record of each verification made.
M11307(b)Failure of vehicle verifier to submit records to peace officer.
M11400Requires the licensing of a registration service.
M11406(a)Registration service maintain business records with specified information.
M11406(c)Registration service, provide customer with transaction document.
M11406(d)Failure of registration service to display sign that it is not a branch of DMV or to so inform customer.
M11406.5When customer fails to submit documents or fees to a registration service, the registration service shall return everything pertaining to the transaction to the customer's last known address (within 60 days) by registered mail.
M11411If a registration service ceases operation, the owner shall immediately notify the department and send all records, transaction documents, receipts, and fees to the department.
M11500Auto dismantler, unlicensed.
M11513(a)Auto dismantler, failure to notify DMV of address change.
M11514(a)Auto dismantler, failure to display signs.
M11515(a)Salvage vehicle, insurance company forwards certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV, within 10 days of loss settlement.
M11515(b)Salvage vehicle retained, insurance company notification to DMV; owner forwards certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV.
I/M11515(c)Salvage vehicle, failure of owner to forward the certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV within 10 days.
M11515(d)Salvage vehicle, failure of self-insurer to forward certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV within 10 days.
M11515(e)Salvage vehicle, failure to deliver salvage certificate to purchaser within 10 days of purchase.
M11515.1(a)A salvage pool shall sell a vehicle only with a salvage certificate except pursuant to subdivision (f) of Section 11515, or as provided in subdivision (b) of this section.
M11515.1(b)A salvage pool shall sell a vehicle only with a nonrepairable vehicle certificate except pursuant to subdivision (f) of Section 11515.2, or as provided in subdivision (a) of this section.
M11515.2(a)Nonrepairable vehicle, insurance company forwards certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV, within 10 days of loss settlement.
M11515.2(b)Nonrepairable vehicle retained, insurance company notification to DMV; owner forwards certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV.
I/M11515.2(c)Nonrepairable vehicle, failure of owner to forward the certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV within 10 days.
M11515.2(d)Nonrepairable vehicle, failure of self-insurer to forward certificate of ownership and license plates to DMV within 10 days.
M11515.2(e)Nonrepairable vehicle, failure to deliver nonrepairable vehicle certificate to purchaser within 10 days of purchase.
M11516(c)Auto dismantler, failure to maintain registration with special plates.
M11520(a)Licensed auto dismantler, notify DMV and DOJ within five days, (1) wait 10 days before dismantling vehicle. Surrender license plates and ownership papers. Maintain business records.
M11521Auto dismantler, failure to indicate license or permit number issued by the department in advertisement.
M11540(a)Salvage pool, maintenance of records; failure to notify DMV.
M11540(b)Salvage pool, submission of license plates to DMV prior to disposition and maintenance of record of license plates for two years.
M11614Lessor-Retailer, unlawful acts (use appropriate subsection).
M11614.1Lessor-Retailer, unlawful advertising practices (use appropriate subsection).
M11615(a)Lessor-Retailer, delivery of vehicle not meeting equipment requirements.
M11615(b)Lessor-Retailer, failure to deliver properly endorsed certificate of ownership.
M11615(c)Lessor-Retailer, noncompliance with Revenue and Taxation or Rules and Regulations.
M11615(d)Lessor-Retailer, taking a vehicle in trade for a vehicle sold.
M11615(e)Lessor-Retailer, sale of a vehicle not previously leased, bailed, or rented.
M11615(f)Makes it unlawful for a lessor-retailer to display a vehicle for sale at a location other than an established place of business authorized by DMV.
M11700Dealer, manufacturer, manufacturer branch, remanufacturer, remanufacturer branch, distributor, distributor branch, or transporter, unlicensed.
M11700.3Aid and abet a person violating occupational licensing laws in Chapter 4 of Division 5.
M11709(a)Dealer, display adequate business sign.
M11709(c)Dealer, display identification sign or device at exhibits.
M11709.1Requires dealers who sell used cars to post a sign indicating that the prospective buyer may have a vehicle inspected by a third party.
M11709.2Dealers to post a sign indicating "No Cooling-Off Period" for sale and lease contracts.
M11709.3Motor vehicle dealers to display in showroom a listing of each vehicle advertised for sale under specified conditions.
M11709.4Failure of a dealer to payoff trade in vehicle in 21 calendar days.
M11712(a)Dealer, change of place of business.
M11712(b)Dealer, change of franchise.
M11712.5(a)Dealer, sale of motorcycle without display of dealer's charges affixed.
M11712.5(b)Dealer, sale of light truck without display of required information.
M11713(a)Dealer, misleading advertising.
M11713(b)Dealer, advertising vehicle not actually for sale.
M11713(c)Dealer, failing to withdraw advertising within 48 hours of sale.
M11713(d)Dealer, representing used vehicle as new.
M11713(e)Dealer, operating without valid bond.
M11713(f)Dealer, failing to maintain established place of business.
M11713(g)Dealer, falsely adding licensing or transfer fees to selling price.
M11713(h)Dealer, employing unlicensed salesmen or failing to report to DMV employment or termination of a salesman within 10 days.
M11713(i)Dealer, delivering new vehicle illegally equipped.
M11713(j)Dealer, misuse, or permit unlawful use of special plates.
M11713(k)Dealer, advertise no down payment when in fact required.
M11713(l)Dealer, involved in sale of private vehicle without paying sales tax.
M11713(m)Dealer, permitting misuse of license or books.
M11713(n)Dealer, disconnecting or resetting odometer.
M11713(o) Prohibits the sale of a previously unregistered vehicle without disclosing in writing the date that the manufacturer's or distributor's warranty commenced.
M11713(p)Provides that no licensee shall accept a deposit unless the vehicle is present at the dealer's premises or available to the dealer directly from the manufacturer or distributor at the time the dealer accepts the deposit.
M11713(q)Prohibits consignment of a new vehicle for sale to another dealer.
M11713(r)Requires dealers to display vehicles for sale at an established place of business authorized by the department for that dealer.
M11713(s)Dealer, use a picture in advertising the price of a vehicle that depicts a different year, make, or model of vehicle.
M11713(t)Dealer, fail to disclose in advertisement previous specified use of vehicle.
M11713.1(a)Advertising vehicle for sale without properly identifying same.
M11713.1(b)Advertising total price of vehicle for sale without including total costs (exceptions).
M11713.1(c)Failure to disclose that taxes, charges, and fees will be added to the advertised price in advertisement of vehicle sale.
M11713.1(d)Dealer preparation charges being represented as a government fee.
M11713.1(e)Failure to sell vehicle at the advertised total price. Advertised vehicles shall be sold at or below the advertised total price, with statutorily permitted exclusions, regardless of whether the purchaser has knowledge of the advertised total price.
M11713.1(f)Advertising vehicle for sale or selling vehicle when dealer does not hold franchise.
M11713.1(g)Sale of park trailer without notification that movement must be under permit.
M11713.1(h)Advertising free merchandise, services, or gifts contingent on the purchase of a vehicle.
M11713.1(i)Advertising vehicles with intent not to supply reasonably expected demand, unless advertisement discloses the number of vehicles in stock at the advertised price. The actual phrase that states the number of vehicles in stock at the advertised price shall be printed in the same type, color, and size used for the advertised price.
M11713.1(j)Use of the term "rebate" or similar words in advertisement without expressing dollar amount.
M11713.1(k)Require a person to pay a higher price for a vehicle for receiving advertised credit terms.
M11713.1(l)Advertise guaranteed trade-in allowance unless the guarantee is provided by manufacturer or distributor.
M11713.1(m)Misrepresent the authority of a salesperson or agent to negotiate the final terms of a transaction.
M11713.1(n)Use prohibited terms that refer to dealer's cost for a vehicle in an advertisement or advertise that the selling price of a vehicle is above, below, or at invoice price or dealer cost except during face to face negotiations and in advertisements to commercial purchasers.
M11713.1(o)Violate any law prohibiting bait and switch advertising.
M11713.1(p)Make any untrue statement indicating that a vehicle is equipped with all factory optional equipment the manufacturer offers.
M11713.1(q)Supplemental stickers, must clearly disclose that price is the dealer's asking price not the manufacturer's suggested retail price.
M11713.1(r)Advertise any underselling claim without recent survey to substantiate claim.
M11713.1(s)Advertise any incentive offer which the dealer is required to contribute to the cost of the incentive, without disclosing that dealer participation may affect consumer cost.
M11713.1(t)Offer for sale used vehicles unless there is a Federal Trade Commissions Buyers guide affixed to the vehicle.
M11713.1(u)Dealer failure to disclose to franchisor the name of purchaser, date of sale, and vehicle identification number of new vehicle sold or intentional submission of false purchaser or date.
M11713.1(v) Vehicle sale contracts must disclose whether vehicle sold is new or used.
M11713.1(w)Use of simulated check in advertisement for lease or sale of vehicle.
M11713.1(x)Failure to disclose on face of new vehicle contract whether transaction is subject to a fee received by an autobroker and, if so, the autobroker's name.
M 11713.1(y) A dealer selling or leasing a new motor vehicle after October 1, 2012 without a contractual agreement with the DMV pursuant to VC Section 1685.
M11713.3(a)Manufacturer and distributor, refuse or fail to deliver upon an order from a dealer, new vehicles, parts and accessories.
M11713.3(b)Manufacturer and distributor, to prevent by contract or otherwise any change in the capital structure of a dealership.
M11713.3(c)Manufacturer and distributor, to require or prevent a dealer from changing the executive management of a dealership.
M11713.3(d)Manufacturer and distributor, to require or prevent a dealer from transferring interest in the dealership between officers, partners, stockholders, etc.
M11713.3(e)Manufacturer and distributor, preventing a dealer from receiving reasonable compensation for the value of the franchised business.
M11713.3(f)Manufacturer and distributor, obtaining money, goods or services from persons with whom the dealer does business.
M11713.3(g)Manufacturer and distributor, requiring a dealer to submit to arbitration between any person other than the board.
M 11713.3(g)(1)(A) Modifying or disclaiming a duty or obligation of a manufacturer, manufacturer branch, distributor, distributor branch, or representative, or a right or privilege of a dealer.
M 11713.3(g)(1)(B) Limiting or constraining the right of a dealer to file, pursue, or submit evidence connected with a protest before the board.
M 11713.3(g)(1)(C) Requiring a dealer to terminate a franchise.
M 11713.3(g)(1)(D) Requiring arbitration between manufacturer or distributor, with a dealer, without the written consent of all parties.
M11713.3(h)Manufacturer and distributor, increasing prices of motor vehicles which a dealer has ordered for a private retail consumer.
M11713.3(i)Manufacturer and distributor, failure to pay a dealer for a new vehicle of a prior year model, which is in a dealer's inventory when the new models are introduced.
M11713.3(j)Manufacturer and distributor, denying the heirs the right of ownership upon the death of the owner of the dealership.
M11713.3(k)Manufacturer and distributor, offering any inducement to persons purchasing new motor vehicles for the state or any political subdivision.
M11713.3(l)Manufacturer and distributor, to modify or refuse to renew a franchise.
M11713.3(m)Manufacturer and distributor, employing a person as a representative who has not been licensed.
M11713.3(n)Manufacturer and distributor, denying any dealer the right of free association with any other dealer for any lawful purpose.
M11713.3(o)Manufacturer and distributor, competing with a dealer in the relevant market area.
M11713.3(p)Manufacturer and distributor, unfairly discriminating among its franchises re: warranty reimbursement.
M11713.3(q)Manufacturer and distributor, selling vehicles to persons not licensed.
M11713.3(r)Manufacturer or distributor of park trailer, failure to affix identification number.
M11713.3(s)Manufacturer and distributor dishonoring a warranty, rebate, or other incentive to the public because the sale was arranged or negotiated by an autobroker.
M11713.3(t)Manufacturer and distributor, exercising any right requiring a franchisee to release the franchised business to the franchisor.
M11713.3(u)Manufacturer and distributor, unfairly discriminating in favor of a dealership owned or controlled by a manufacturer or distributor.
M11713.3(v)Manufacturer and distributor, unauthorized use or modification of dealer computer records.
M 11713.3(x)(1) Unfairly discriminating against a franchisee selling a service contract, debt cancellation agreement, maintenance agreement, or similar product not approved by the maufacturer or distributor.
M 11713.3(y) Manufacturer or Distributor taking or threatening to take any adverse action against a dealer pursuant to an export or sale-for-resale prohibition, as specified.
M11713.5(a)Dealer, misrepresentation of the model year of a vehicle.
M11713.5(b)Dealer, ordering change of the model year of a vehicle.
M11713.5(c)Dealer, unlawful to sell housecar manufactured in 2 stages unless buyer informed.
M11713.6(a)Dealer must disclose in writing to buyer, if so stated by the manufacturer, that the vehicle may not be operated with tire chains.
M11713.6(c)Prior to sale or lease, dealer shall present disclosure statement for signature and provide a copy of the signed disclosure.
M11713.8(a)Remanufacturer, failure to report vehicle identification number.
M11713.8(b)Remanufacturer, failure to die stamp assigned VIN on frame.
M11713.8(c)Remanufacturer, failure to disclose vehicle is remanufactured.
M11713.8(d)Remanufacturer, failure to remove trade name of original manufacturer.
M11713.8(e)Remanufacturer, failure to maintain for 3 years bills of sale or invoices for parts.
M11713.8(f)Remanufacturer, failure to maintain for 3 years proof vehicle was dismantled when frame used in a remanufactured vehicle.
M11713.8(g)Remanufacturer, failure to disclose on VIN plate, vehicle remanufactured and includes used parts.
M11713.8(h)Remanufacturer, failure to disclose to dealer, vehicle remanufactured and includes used parts.
M11713.9(a)Display for sale motor vehicle with engine not labeled as specified.
M11713.10Failure to disclose to purchaser of a low-speed vehicle its maximum speed and the potential risks of driving one.
M11713.11(a)Dealer advertising auction event to disclose in advertisement the date, location, whether attendance fee is charged, amount of attendance fee (if any), name and number of auctioning dealer, whether a buyer's fee will be charged, and the amount of buyer's fee or formula used to calculate it.
M11713.11(b)Dealer advertising auction event to disclose in advertisement of vehicle seized by a federal, state, or local public agency or authority the number of asset seizures and total number of vehicles to be auctioned.
M11713.11(c)Auctioning dealer; fail to identify vehicle seized by a federal, state, or local public agency or authority, before bidding begins on the vehicle.
M11713.11(d)Dealer including costs in the total price of an auctioned vehicle, except those specified.
M11713.11(e) Dealer charging a buyer's fee when conducting an auction unless a prescribed disclosure is given.
M11713.11(f)Dealer auctioning vehicles, failure to comply with dealer licensing and operating provisions of the Vehicle Code and specified auctioneer laws in the Civil Code, Commercial Code, Penal Code, and laws administered by State Board of Equalization.
M11713.12(a)Lemon Law decal: manufacturer shall affix to left front door frame of "Lemon Law Buyback" vehicle or in a location designated by the DMV.
M11713.12(b)Person removing or altering decal affixed pursuant to subdivision (a).
M11713.13(a)Preventing or attempting to prevent by contract to otherwise, a dealer from adding, or maintaining a sales or service operation for another line make of vehicles at the same or expanded facility.
M11713.13(b)Requiring a dealer to establish or maintain exclusive facilities, personnel, or display space if the imposition would be unreasonable in light of existing circumstances, including economic conditions.
M11713.13(c)Requiring a dealer to make material alterations, expansion, or addition to any dealership facility, unless the required alteration, expansion, or addition is reasonable in light of all existing circumstances, including economic conditions.
M 11713.13(d)(1) Failure to pay a dealer, within 90 days of termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of franchise, as specified.
M 11713.13(e)(1)(A) Failure to pay a dealer of new recreational vehicles, within 90 days of termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of a franchise, as specified.
M 11713.13(e)(2) Failure to pay a dealer of new recreational vehicles, within 90 days of termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal of a franchise, as specified.
M 11713.13 (f) (1) Failure to indemnify any existing or former franchisee and the franchisee's successors as specified.
M 11713.13(g)(1) Establishing or maintaining a performance standard, sales objective, or program for measuring a dealer's sales, service, or customer service performance that may materially affect the dealer, as specified.
M 11713.13(w) Manufacturer or Distributor using electronic, contractual, or other means to prevent to prevent or interfere with a dealer as specified.
M11713.15(a)Temporary branch licenses; dealer shall submit to DMV a manufacturer's written authorization with specified information.
M11713.15(b)Advertising and promotional materials for the sale of recreational vehicles at temporary locations shall contain name and established place of business and identify used vehicles as such.
M11713.15(c)Recreational vehicle dealer at temporary branch site provide buyer a written statement disclosing identity and established business location, or if none, so state.
M11713.16(a)Advertise used vehicle without disclosing it as such.
M11713.16(b)Use "on approved credit" or similar term inconspicuously or abbreviated.
M11713.16(c)Advertise "unpaid balance" or similar term except conspicuously and in proximity to advertised balance.
M11713.16(d)Advertise credit terms in violation of specified Federal Regulations.
M11713.16(e)Advertise total vehicle sale price that reflects deduction for rebate.
M11713.16(f)Advertise "everyone financed" or similar term if untrue.
M11713.16(g)Advertise false amount of down payment.
M11713.16(h)Advertise price of a new vehicle which has less than standard equipment.
M11713.16(i)Fail to make required disclosures in advertising.
M11713.17(a)Dealer, delivery of vehicle without license plate bracket.
M11713.17(b)Manufacturer, failure to equip vehicle with bracket to secure license plates.
M11713.18Dealer, advertise for sale or sell a used vehicle as “certified” under specified conditions.
M11713.19Dealer, add charges to the contract for any goods or services without previously disclosing to the consumer the goods and services to be added and obtaining the consumer's consent. Inflate the amount of an installment payment or down payment or extend the maturity of a sale or lease contract for the purpose of disguising the actual charges for goods or services to be added by the dealer to the contract.
M11713.20Dealer, who obtains a credit score from a prospective customer for use in a credit application for the purchase of a motor vehicle must provide a specified disclosure in writing regarding consumer rights applicable to the credit application process.
M11713.21(a)Dealer failure to offer buyer of used vehicle a contract cancellation option.
M11713.21(b)Contract cancellation option agreement; document form and content.
M11713.21(c)Dealer failure to cancel contract pursuant to cancellation option agreement and provide buyer with full refund.
M11713.22Failure or refusal to provide a recreational vehicle dealer with a written “recreational vehicle franchise” pursuant to section 331.3.
M11713.23Selling a new recreational vehicle without a “recreational vehicle franchise” pursuant to section 331.3.
M11713.25(a)Computer vendor, unauthorized use or modification of dealer computer records; failure to maintain safeguards over dealer computer records.
M 11713.26(a) Displaying or offering for sale a retail or used vehicle without obtaining a NMVTIS vehicle history report for that vehicle.
M 11713.26(b)(1) Failure to properly post the disclosure of a junked or salvaged vehicle.
M 11713.26(b)(2) Failure to provide NMVTIS vehicle history report to purchaser prior to sale, upon request.
M11714(b)Dealer selling at retail at a location not posted.
M11714(c)Wholesale dealer selling at retail.
M11715(f)Manufacturer, remanufacturer, or dealer, failure to maintain registration with special plates.
M11725(a)License plates to DMV prior to transporting or driving to foreign jurisdiction with intent to register or sell.
M11725(b)License plates to DMV prior to delivery for export to foreign jurisdiction outside the U.S.
M11729(a)When the owner is not an Occupational Licensee, requires dealers to execute a prescribed consignment agreement when accepting possession of a vehicle for the purpose of selling the vehicle for the owner and paying the owner or his or her designee from the proceeds of the sale.
M11729(b)Prescribes contents of consignment agreement to be used by dealers conducting auction sales on behalf of fleet owners.
M11730Requires any dealer engaging in consignments to execute a prescribed consignment agreement containing specified terms, phrases, conditions, and disclosures. (Use appropriate subsection.)
M11735(a)Engaging in brokering without obtaining autobroker endorsement and paying required fee.
M11735(c)Autobroker log must contain specified information.
M11736(a)Failure to execute written brokering agreement and to provide copies to consumer and selling dealer.
M11736(b)Accepting purchase deposit from consumer that exceeds 2.5 percent of selling price of vehicle.
M11736(c)Failing to refund purchase money or deposit upon demand by consumer prior to completed sale.
M11736(d)Failing to cancel brokering agreement and refund money to consumer when final price exceeds price in broker agreement, when vehicle delivered is not as described, or when agreement expires.
M11736(e)Acting as seller and autobroker in the same transaction.
M11736(f)Failure to disclose whether autobroker receives a fee from the selling dealer and, if so, the dollar amount of the fee.
M11736(g)Failure to record specified information in autobroker log.
M11736(h)Failure to maintain copy of executed autobroker agreement and related notices and documents for at least 3 years.
M11736(i)Failure to advise consumer that refund will be made if vehicle is not obtained or service orally contracted is not provided.
M11737(a)Dealer must deposit purchase money from broker sales in trust account.
M11737(b)Brokering dealer prohibited from encumbering trust account except in payment to a selling dealer or to make refunds.
M11737(d) Brokering dealer must serve as trustee of trust account.
M11737(e) Broker trust accounts must be maintained in bank, savings and loan, or credit union regulated by the state or federal government.
M11738Specifies contents and print size of brokering agreement. (Use appropriate subsection.)
M11739Selling dealer, not autobroker, must apply for title and registration, secure manufacturer's warranty, and apply for manufacturer's rebates and incentives for the purchaser.
M11800Salesman; unlicensed or having license suspended, revoked, invalid or expired.
M11806(a)Salesman-outstanding unsatisfied judgement.
M11806(b)Salesmen-failure to pay over funds or property to dealer.
M11806(c)Salesman-failure to return vehicle to dealer upon termination of employment.
M11806(d)Salesman-a cause for refusal, suspension or revocation exists under Section 11302 to 11909.
M11806(e)Salesman-purchase or sale without using dealer's report.
M11806(f)Salesman-representing more than one dealer.
M11806(g)Salesman-failure to comply with Section 11812.
M11806(h)Salesman-while licensed as a managerial employee committed wrongful acts causing suspension or revocation of the license.
M11806(i)DMV may refuse to issue or suspend or revoke a license to an applicant who has acted as a dealer when that person was not acting on behalf of a dealer.
M11812(a)Failure to post a Salesman's license or true and exact copy in conspicuous place.
M11812(b)Failure to display Salesman's license or true and exact copy continuously and to return it when employment is terminated and destroying all copies.
M11812(c)Vehicle salesman, failure to notify DMV within 5 days of residence address change.
M11819(a)Lending Salesman's license.
M11819(b)Displaying license issued to another.
M11819(c)Failure to surrender license.
M11819(d)Permitting use of license.
M11819(e)Unauthorized duplication of salesperson's license.
M11900Representative, unlicensed.
M 11950(a) Failure of a buy-here-pay-here automotive dealer to affix a label on a used vehicle stating the "Reasonable Market Value" of that vehicle.
M 11950(b) Failure of a buy–here–pay–here automotive dealer to provide prospective buyer of used vehicle a copy of any information obtained to determine the reasonable market value of that vehicle
M12001(a)Failure to provide customer with an invoice which identifies by brand name parts installed.
M12001(b)Failure to provide customer with an invoice which identifies used parts installed.
M12002Manufacturing, installing, or selling a defective vehicle part as defined by the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966.
M12110(a)Unlawful to pay or receive compensation from a towing service for arranging or requesting tow truck service.
M12120Sale of vehicle other than by dealer or registered owner.