Vehicle Code Appendix B List of Violations Division 6 Driver s Licenses

Types of Violations
C – Civil
F – Felony
I – Infraction
M – Misdemeanor

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This section, excepting entries for Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation (Div.5), is provided by the California Highway Patrol as an informational guide only and is not intended to supplant sections of the vehicle code enacted into law. The following list has not been codified and does not carry the force or effect of statute.

Types of convictions received for violation of certain sections of Division 6 of the Vehicle Code.
Type VC Section Violation
M12500(a)Driver, unlicensed.
I12500(b)Requires the driver of a motorcycle to be licensed.
I12500(c)Prohibits operation of a vehicle in or upon any offstreet parking facility unless the individual is licensed.
I12500(d)Prohibits the operation of vehicles if not properly licensed.
I12500(e)Operation of motorized scooter in violation of emission requirements.
I12502(b)Nonresident driver, medical certificate required.
I12502(c)Nonresident driver, shall comply with any restriction of the medical certificate issued to that nonresident.
I12509(d)Person with instruction permit shall not drive motor vehicle unless a under the immediate supervision of a valid California licensed driver, who must occupy a position within the driver’s compartment.
I12509(e)Operating a government owned vehicle with a permit while not under the instruction of the California National Guard.
I 12509.5(a) Person with instruction permit shall not drive a motorcycle unless successfully completing a motorcyclist safety program.
I 12509.5(c) Person with instruction permit shall not drive a motorcycle during darkness, on a freeway, or with a passenger.
I12511Driver's license, possession of more than one.
I12515(a)Minor under 18 employed for purpose of driving.
M12515(b)Driver under 21 operating or employed to operate interstate commerce or hazardous substance vehicle.
I12516School bus driver, under 18.
M12517(a)School bus driver must possess both driver's license and certificate.
M12517(b)School pupil activity bus driver must possess both driver's license and certificate.
M12517.45Transporting school pupils pursuant to section 545 without appropriate license, certification, or parental authorization.
I12517.5(a)Operating a paratransit vehicle without valid, appropriate license.
I12517.5(b)Operating a paratransit vehicle without proper training.
M12519(a)Farm labor vehicle, endorsed driver's license required.
M12520(a)Operation of tow truck involved in freeway service patrol operations without valid California driver's license and tow truck driver certificate.
I12521(a)Tour bus operator, use safety belts.
I12521(b)Tour bus operator, report accidents.
I12522(a)Schoolbus or youth bus driver, first aid qualification.
I12523(a)Youth bus operator, driver's license, appropriate class.
I12523(d)Youth bus operator-Use seat belt, refrain from smoking, report any accidents to CHP.
I12523.5(a)General public paratransit operator, driver's license, appropriate class and certificate.
I12523.5(d)General public paratransit operator; use seatbelts, refrain from smoking, report accidents.
I12523.6(a)Driver of disabled, drivers license appropriate class and endorsement.
I12523.6(d)Driver of disabled, shall not employ without appropriate class and endorsement.
I12524(a)Radioactive materials driver's certificate required.
I12804.6(a)Transit bus operator, possess appropriate certificate.
I12804.6(f)Transit bus, employer permitting person to drive without a valid certificate on file in employee records.
M12804.9Persons applying for house car endorsements required to complete instructional course and demonstrate specified skills.
M12804.10Class C drivers may operate house cars up to 40 feet in length.
I 12804.11 Operating firefighting equipment without a proper endorsement or license issued by the Department.
I/M12804.15Driver of 'house car' must possess appropriate class of driver's license, including endorsement if required.
I12814.6(b)(1)(A)Provisional DL drive between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
I12814.6(b)(1)(B)Provisional DL transport passengers under 20 years old.
I12815(a)Driver's license, lost or mutilated, obtain duplicate, destroy original if found.
I12950Signature of Licensee.Failure to sign usual signature.
I12950(a)Failure to sign driver’s license with usual signature.
I12951(a)Driver's license, not in possession.
M12951(b)Driver's license, refusal to present to officer.
I12952Driver's license, display to court.
I13003(a)ID card; obtain duplicate if lost, stolen, mutilated, or name change.
I13003(b)ID card; surrender to DMV within 10 days after notification by DMV or law enforcement that document is mutilated.
M13004(a)ID card display or possession of, cancelled, altered, fictitious, fraudulently obtained.
M13004(b)ID card, lending or permitting another to use.
M13004(c)ID card, displaying another's.
M13004(d)ID card, permitting unlawful use.
M13004(e)To do any act forbidden by this article.
M13004(f)ID card, reproducing or possession of facsimile.
M13004(g)ID card, unauthorized alteration.
M13004.1(a)Prohibits the manufacture or sale of an identification document which is substantially similar to a driver's license, or that purports to confer the same privileges, as the drivers' license issued by the Department.
I13007ID card holder notify DMV change of address within 10 days.
I13007.5Unlawful for applicant to knowingly declare to DMV that no birth certificate exists when, in fact, a birth certificate does exist.
I14600(a)Change of address, notify DMV within 10 days. (DL)
I14600(b)Present change-of-address document to a peace officer. (DL)
M14601(a)Driving when driver's license suspended or revoked for reckless driving, negligent or incompetent driving acts.
M14601.1(a)Driving when driver's license suspended or revoked for offenses not related to driving ability.
M14601.2(a)Driving when driver's license suspended or revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol, drug, or combination.
M14601.2(b)Restricted license for alcohol and drug offenses, disobeying restrictions.
M14601.3(a)Driver's license suspended or revoked-Habitual traffic offender.
M14601.4(a)Driving while license suspended or revoked pursuant to Section 14601.2 and causing an injury collision.
M14601.5Driver's license suspended or revoked-chemical test refusal. (Use appropriate subsection.)
M 14602.8(g)(4) Legal owner knowingly releasing or causing the release of an impounded vehicle to a registered owner in violation of this subdivision.
I14603Restricted license, disobeying restrictions.
M14604(a)Motor vehicle owner, unlawful to loan to unlicensed driver. Must make reasonable effort to determine license status of person to whom car is loaned.
I14605(a)Parking lot attendant, unlicensed.
I14605(b)Parking lot attendant, employing unlicensed.
I14606(a)Unlicensed person, employing, hiring, or knowingly permitting to drive.
I14606(b)Failure of employer to report a person’s failure to qualify to operate a commercial motor vehicle to DMV within 10 days.
I 14606(c) Failure of employer to obtain a copy of the driver medical certification, and retain certification as part of a driver qualification file.
I14607Person cause or permit own child, ward, or employee under the age of 18 to drive unless licensed.
I 14608(a)(1) Renting motor vehicle to unlicensed person
I 14608(a)(2) Failure of a person renting a vehicle to another to inspect the driver license along with comparing the signature or photograph prior to releasing a vehicle.
I14609(a)Renting motor vehicle, maintain proper records.
I14609(b)Renting motor vehicle to unlicensed person, maintain proper records.
M14610(a)(1)Makes it unlawful to display or possess any cancelled, revoked, suspended, fictitious, fraudulently altered, or fraudulently obtained driver's license.
M14610(a)(2)Makes it unlawful to lend a driver's license to any person.
M14610(a)(3)Makes it unlawful for a person to represent as their license one that was not issued to them.
M14610(a)(4)Makes it unlawful to fail or refuse to surrender to DMV any driver's license which has been suspended, revoked or cancelled.
M14610(a)(5)Makes it unlawful to permit any unlawful use of a driver's license.
M14610(a)(6)Makes it unlawful to do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required by this division.
M14610(a)(7)Makes it unlawful to photograph, photostat, duplicate, or in any way reproduce any driver's license or facsimile so that it could be mistaken for a valid license.
M14610(a)(8)Makes it unlawful to alter any driver's license in any manner not authorized by the Vehicle Code.
M14610.1(a)Prohibits the manufacture or sale of an identification document which is substantially similar to a driver's license, or that purports to confer the same privileges, as the drivers' license issued by the Department.
I/M14610.5(a)Sale or distribution of crib sheet on DMV driver's license examination; impersonation of a driver's license applicant.
M14610.7Knowingly assist an illegal alien in obtaining a driver's license.
I14611Knowingly directing hauling of radioactive materials by person not possessing certificate.
I15220Commercial motor vehicle driver shall report any out-of-state conviction involving the safe operation of a motor vehicle to DMV within 30 days.
I15222Commercial motor vehicle driver shall report any conviction involving the safe operation of motor vehicle to his or her employer within 30 days.
I15224Commercial motor vehicle driver shall notify employer of suspended or revoked driver's license before the end of business day following the action.
I15226Driver placed out-of-service for violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations shall report to his or her employer within 24 hours.
I15228Driver placed out-of-service for violation of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations shall report to DMV within 30 days.
I15230Each person who applies for employment as a driver of a commercial motor vehicle shall provide employer with required information.
I15240(a)Employer knowingly allows a driver to drive a commercial motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked driving privilege. Out-of-service order applicable when driver/commercial motor carrier found in violation of railroad-highway grade crossing laws.
I15240(b)Employer knowingly allows a driver with more than one driver's license to operate a commercial motor vehicle.
I15250(a)Person operating commercial motor vehicle shall have in his or her immediate possession valid commercial driver's license of appropriate class.
I15250.5(a)Requires a person operating firefighting equipment to possess a valid driver's license for the appropriate class.
I15250.6(a)Operation of firefighting equipment. Driver shall have in immediate possession driver license of appropriate class.
I15275(a)Person operating a commercial motor vehicle shall have an endorsement, as required by the CHP.
M15278(a)Requires an endorsement to operate certain commercial vehicles.
I/M 15309.5(a)(1) Selling, offering for sale, distributing or using a crib sheet or cribbing device, containing answers to any examination administered by the DMV for a commercial driver's license or permit.
I/M 15309.5(a)(2) Impersonating or allowing the impersonation of an applicant for a commercial driver's license or permit for fraudulent purposes.
I/M 15309.5(a)(3) Providing, or using, any unauthorized assistance during any examination administered by the DMV for a commercial driver's license or permit.
M15312Commercial drivers prohibited from operating vehicle for specified time due to a violation of railroad grade crossing regulations.