California Vehicle Code Division 11 Chapter 10 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 11 - Rules of the Road
Chapter 10. Removal of Parked and Abandoned Vehicles
Article 1. Authority to Remove Vehicles

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 10 of Division 11 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
22650Prohibition of Removal
22651Circumstances Permitting Removal
22651.05Authority to Remove: Trained Volunteers
22651.07 Towing Fees and Access Notice: Vehicle Owner Rights
22651.1Towing or Storage Charges: Payment
22651.2Vehicle Removal
22651.3Offstreet Parking Facility: Removal and Impoundment
22651.4Foreign Commercial Vehicles: Impoundment
22651.5Additional Circumstances Permitting Removal
22651.6Vehicle Removal: Speed Contests
22651.8Satisfactory Evidence
22651.9Removal of Vehicles for Sale
22652Removal from Disabled Person's Parking Spaces
22652.5Immunity From Liability
22652.6Additional Circumstances Permitting Removal
22653Removal From Private Property
22654Authorization for Moving a Vehicle
22655Impounding Vehicle for Investigation
22655.3Removal for Investigation
22655.5Impounding for Evidence: Lien: Charges
22656Removal from Railroad Right-of-Way
22658Removal From Private Property
22658.1Notification: Damage to Fences
22658.2Removal From Common Interest Development
22659Removal From State Property
22659.5Impoundment of Vehicle Used in Commission of Act of Prostitution or Illegal Dumping of Commercial Quantities of Waste
22660Local Abatement Procedure
22661Contents of Ordinance
22662Disposition of Vehicle or Parts
22663Administration of Ordinance
22664Waiver: Reporting Requirements and Fees
22665Administration of Local Programs by Highway Patrol
22666Regulations of Highway Patrol
22667Abatement and Removal: Priorities
22668Abandoned Vehicle Trust Fund: Prohibited Disbursements
22669Removal of Abandoned Vehicles
22670Lien Sale: Valuation
22671Removal by Franchise or Contract
22710Service Authority for Abatement of Abandoned Vehicles
22711Abandoned Vehicles: Transport to Penal Institutions

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