California Vehicle Code Division 11 Chapter 1 Article 3 Table of Contents

Division 11 - Rules of the Road
Chapter 1. Obediance to and Effect of Traffic Laws
Article 3. Local Regulation

Table of Contents for Article 3 of Chapter 1 of Division 11 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
21100Rules and Regulations: Subject Matter
21100.1Traffic Control Devices: Uniform Standards
21100.3Local Regulation or Traffic
21100.4Violation of Local Licensing Requirements
21100.5Island City Vehicle Regulation
21101Regulation of Highways
21101.2Local Authority to Divert Traffic
21101.4LocalAuthority to Temporarily Close Highway: Criminal Activity
21101.6Local Authority: Placement of Gates
21102Local Authority   to Close Streets
21102.1Local Authorities: Restricting Traffic in Alleys
21103Signs Required
21104Approval of Local Regulations
21105Boundary Line Streets
21106Establishment of Crosswalks
21107Private Roads
21107.5Private Roads Open for Public Use
21107.6Private Roads Serving Commercial Establishments
21107.7Private Roads Not Open for Public Use
21107.8Private Parking Facilities
21107.9Mobilehome Park: Roads: Local Regulations
21108Private Roads Leading to Airports
21109Tunnels, Bridges, and Viaducts
21109.5Public Hearings
21110Railroad Crossings
21111Housing Projects
21112Taxicab and Bus Stands
21113Driving or Parking on Public Grounds
21114Aircraft on Local Roads
21114.5Electric Carts on Sidewalks
21115Golf Carts on Local Highways
21115.1Golf Cart Crossing Zones
21116Levees, Banks of Waterways, and Pipeline Rights-of-Way
21117Local Authorities: Transfer or Responsibilities: Ecological Reserves and Environmentally Sensitive Areas

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