California Vehicle Code Division 11 Chapter 2 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 11 - Rules of the Road
Chapter 2. Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
Article 1. Erection and Maintenance

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 2 of Division 11 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
21350State Authority
21351Local Authority
21351.3Use of Metric System Designations
21351.5Stop Signs at Railroad Crossings
21351.7Deaf Child Warning Signs
21352Traffic and Pedestrian Regulation on State Highways
21353Local Regulation Affecting State Highway Traffic
21354Stop Signs on Local Highways
21355Stop Signs
21356Yield Right-of-Way Signs
21356.5Vehicles: Local Authorities: Warning Signs: Alleys
21357Speed Signs for Business or Residence Districts
21358Speed Signs at District Boundaries
21359Speed Signs for Special Areas
21360Traffic Devices on Private Road or Driveway
21361Closely Adjoining Intersections
21362Railroad Warning Approach Signs
21362.5Rail Grade Crossings: Automated Enforcement System
21363Detour Signs
21364Stock Crossings
21365Open Range Warning Signs
21366Street Name Signs
21367Traffic Control: Highway Construction
21368Crosswalks Near Schools
21369Speed Signs Ratified
21370Regulation of Traffic: Construction Zone
21372Guidelines for Traffic Control Devices Near Schools
21373School Board Request for Traffic Control Devices
21374Directional Markings for Tourists
21375Freeway Signs: Private and Public Postsecondary Educational Institutions
21376Freeway Sign: Prohibition Against Abandoning or Dumping of Animals

Vehicle Code Table of Contents